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200w CFL to 400w HPS for flowering Closet Soil Grow****PiCs****

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by stoned_bunny, May 12, 2010.

  1. Loooking Good!!:hello:

    Can't wait for some bud porn!
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    theres a vid of my grow
  3. So what's been going on over there?:confused:

    Hope everything is going alright!:wave:
  4. any one want me to update? couple weeks before harvest been dealing with spider mites and more spider mites but still got 3 ok lookin plants! if any one replies ill do an update if not its not worth the effort till my next grow

    2 stain 400w scrog tent grow! woot
  5. I'm down to see pics and get some info. I don't know much about spider-mites, what attracts them, how to prevent getting them, how to exterminate them, and how to mitigate the damage they cause to your garden.

    Information and pictures would definitely be something I'd check out. Hope things aren't looking too grim.
  6. Damn Spider Mites!:mad:

    Let's see some bud Porn!!:hello:
  7. Ok so ill start with the veg room

    I have been growing like crazy! lol i got a few strains going heres a list

    Strain / Status
    Sharksbreath(1st gen clone) / Ready to Flower
    Sharksbreath(2nd gen Clone) / VEG
    Black Diesel(1 gen clone) / Ready to Flower
    Sour Cream(seed) / Ready to Flower
    Sour Cream(1st gen Clone) / VEG in DWC
    Afghani Candy #2(1st gen clone) / VEG
    Afghani Candy #3(1st gen clone) / VEG
    Russian Rocket Fuel"AUTO"(seed) / VEG

    quite a list!!!!

    Ok so its broken down to 2 levels in the veg room! on top i got my 200w cfl over the ready to flower plants and the DWC. While on bottom i got a 2ft 4 lamp t5 over my newly transplanted clones and seedling

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  8. Ok now for flowering! i got myself a nice 36"x20"x64" grow tent in side i got the same old 400w hps a 6" mini inline fan for ventilation

    as for strains i got 4 different ones

    3 that i was journaling a while back
    Black Diesel
    Blue Widow

    along with a new one
    Afghani Candy #2
    theres a story behind this one a friend gave me some seeds awhile back and i started 3 weened off the smaller one and put them into flowering after a few days one didnt seem to be doing as good and it was getting cramped in the tent so i took a clone and chopped it leaveing me with 1 of the 3

    shortly after moving the plants into the new grow tent i noticed i had spidermites!!!!:mad: shortly after i had a major problem a few days after i noticed them i got a box of ladybugs! yup 1500 of them! 8 bucks! lol anyways i let them go into my grow tent with out doing much research to little effect so the spider mites ate the shit outa my plants and the lady bugs just hid around the bottom of the tent :confused:

    the spider mites did most of the damage to the SharksBreath then a tiny bit to the Blue Widow and i didnt see any spidermites on the black diesel untill a few days ago

    due to being in late flowering useing neem oil is tricky ive been taking a wash cloth with the neem soultion and wiping the fan leaves but it seems to be doing very little with harvest so close i am just going to wait it out and there are still quite a few of the ladybugs in the tent flying around and crawling on the plants

    ok now more pix!!!!

    1. Afghani Candy#2
    2. Afghani Candy#2
    3. Afghani Candy#2
    4. The Tent
    5. Black Diesel
    6. Black Diesel
    7. Black Diesel
    8. Blue Widow
    9. Blue Widow
    10. Blue Widow
    More pix next post

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  9. pixs

    1. Sharksbreath
    2. Sharksbreath
    3. Sharksbreath
    4. light and fan

    Sorry all pics were taken with my phone!

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    You beat me to it!

    Good job, man! Lookin really good!

    That Shark's breath looks like a good yielder!

    How far into flower are the 3 different strains?

  11. in the veg post the first one is sharksbreath second is Black diesel third is Sour Cream
  12. Yah, You put up the other 2 posts while I was doing that one.

    I edited it!
  13. i think there at 46 or 48 days i well be starting flush in a week i think

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