200w CFL to 400w HPS for flowering Closet Soil Grow****PiCs****

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    Every thing before this takes place in this thread http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/578544-closet-grow-2-ft-32w-bulbs-soil.html

    and in this one

    MG Organic Potting Soil
    200watt cfl by sunleaves Hydroponic Systems | Lighting Systems | Grow Lights
    400watt HPS By HTGSupply High Tech Garden Supply

    Temp:77-80F(off) 85-88F(on)
    Watering: Every 3-4 Days (1/2 Gallon Each)(Distilled Water)
    Nutrients:Fox Farms Grow Big (3 Teaspoons Per Gallon)
    pH: Adjusted to 7 (After Adding Nuts) Runoff: 6.0 (Afghani) 6.5 (skunk #1)
    Height:Afghani=22 Inches Skunk #1=19 Inches

    Pictures are as follows:
    1.Afghani & Skunk#1 in there new flowering room!
    2.The ballast hanging from the ceiling of the grow room.(packaging suggested i hang the ballast for safest use)
    3.6" Fan pointed at light/ Air Cooler/Fan pointed at wall to bounce air on plants. (direct air is too rough on plant)

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  2. Input would greatly be appreciated !!!!
  3. what more needs to be said ?

    apart from great looking plants bro:D
    what breeders did you get the seeds from ?
  4. Looking great stoned bunny...
    Im sub'd and kicking back to watch the show....
    Nice job so far:D:cool:

  5. thanks! i stared them as clones i got from my friend/dealer. he got them from a club.

    id love to get some seeds of good genetics goins

    ****side note**** what is a Metal Halide conversion bulb would it work for veging with my HPS set up? are they worth the $$$$

  6. THANKS for stoppin by Budslinger i only hope i put on a good show for every one!!!
  7. High Stoned Bunny :wave:

    sub'd :cool:

    looks good :smoke:
  8. I've never heard of a conversion bulb, just conversion lights. A conversion light allows you to use both hps bulbs and metal halide bulbs in it. Most are either one or the other. People who buy these are often vegging and flowering in the same room, same light,...you just switch the bulb from the MH one to the hps one when it's time to flower.
  9. Conversion bulbs were around before they had switchable ballasts..very expensive they are...:eek:...... but i agree they are made so the area can do both veg and flower..
  10. Are you a girl?:rolleyes: I hope so with a name like stoned bunny. If your a dude I'm out:bolt:


    Pulling up a lazy boy recliner.:D I like to be comfortable.:smoking:

    Looks great:hello::wave:
  11. MG Organic huh... Hmmm. Whats in that?

    ... I saw the other day that they have MH lights in both spectrum now, so you can veg and flower with MH. .... why the F would someone want that? lol.
  12. Thanks for stoppin by my garden!

    see im talking about a conversion bulb like this one High Tech Garden Supply
    to turn my flowering room into a veg room its cheaper then buying a whole another ballast and fixture

    hate to disappoint you but i am a Blade! with a funny name who just happens to like bunnys and smoking

    MG Organic is Miracle gro organic choice soil Dirt: Miracle-Gro's Organic Choice
  13. Damn.... its getting crowded in here;)
    that bulb would do it:D
  14. then after ventilation/carbon filter . im going to save up for the conversion bulb

    as for ventilation im thinking a 4"-6" can fan (or something similar) with followed by a carbon filter such as this High Tech Garden Supply

    ****side note****

    HTGSupply.com is one of the best places to get everything you need! everything is cheap. and works great 9 times outa ten things are cheaper on this site!
  15. Go with the 6" and yes htg is the best place...imo

    looks like uve done ur homework..
  16. I lost your thread then found the old one had died lol. So yo u bumped up to 400w HPS nice :D
  17. Godammit Bunny, I just posted on your 2nd thread. Didn't realize you already had this one up.

    Looks like you got the attention of the big dogs and dogess now!

    Keep up the good work bro! They're looking good!:wave:

    And you were wanting to delete your grow. Look at ya now!:hello:
  18. yeah with the new light came a new title and i tried to figure out how to change the name of a thread

    lol sorry for the confusion this well be my main thread for the remainder of the grow!

    (i tried to change the name of the first post and the thread stayed the same)
  19. ok so i wanna try something! my plants are looking super hungry after moving them under the HPS! :eek: lol so i wanna try giving them some extra nutrients in between feedings.

    im useing Fox Farm Grow Big and on the bottle it says that u can use it as "Supplemental Foliar Feeding"

    the bottle recommends: "1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water every other week.Do not apply while plants are in direct light."

    so i was thinking of giving them a light spray when the lights go out in a half hour or so

    what do u guys thing?
  20. with no one around to advise me lol i decided to go ahead and give the plants a spray with the 1/2 teaspoon per gallon mixture

    i gave the plants a light spraying not getting them soaking but covering them

    so we'll see how it goes in the morning!!! ill update u as soon as i check on them!! :wave:

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