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200w CFL to 400w HPS for flowering Closet Soil Grow****PiCs****

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by stoned_bunny, May 12, 2010.

  1. OK so heres a pic of the inside of the ghetto cloner

    until i get a chance to go to home depot i just have a rubber stopper in the end of the PVC pipe with the sprayers i am gonna put a cap on it.

    it dose the job so im happy

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  2. Nice maneuver mcguyver;)

    looks lik eit should work fine man..
    its amazing the thought that come to mind whilst smoking..:D

    looking good bunny....
    glad to see ya getting comfy...
  3. heres some early bud porn!

    and the only leaf that had any problems so i pulled it

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  4. CLONES: Day 2
    TEMPS: 80-85
    LIGHTING 24hrs
    WATER: Plain tap water

    Clones are showing signs of new leaf growth, no sign of root growth...

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  5. Looks like they are doin' good so far. Roots may take about a week before you see those pretty little things.
  6. Everything looks pretty nice over here i never really messed with clones so i cant tell u anything about that, but ur ladies look good bro im jus 7-8 days older then urs (flowering time) best of luck
  7. you have to trim some of those leafs off man...
    it takes 7-14 days to root clones...check out my sig..:D
  8. Awesome lookin cloner ya got :cool:. Ladies are looking good. I'd keep my eye on those temps though. They seem a bit high, especially for not running co2. As long as the ladies don't show any heat stress, keep on keepin on brother.
  9. It took 18 days before some of my clones had a nice little root system on it, all in time :)

    Lookin good ;)
  10. Clones: Day5
    Temps: 80-85
    Lighting: 24hrs
    Water: Plain Tap

    Clones are looking good still they have not died or drooped yet the bigger one has yellowing of the bigger leafs but nothing dramatic.


    Today has been an eventful day. The package with my flowering Nutrients(FF tiger bloom, Big Bloom) arrived along with my starter plugs and humidity dome and seed tray. Also i got a very special envelope in the mail as well... thats right i got my seeds! 3 DNA Genetics(Sour Cream,Rocklock,SharksBreath) 2 Dinafem Seeds(Blue Widow) and 2 Advanced seeds(Black Diesel)!


    I was out searching for a Hydro shop im my area with my GF. Mapquest was no help all the places it listed were no longer there. But while we were in this garden center we couldnt resist to get some Venus fly traps and 1 Octopus Plant!!! lol i think i found a solution to my gnat problem! Carnivorous Plants! Accordingly we named them Snapper, Trapper, and Squidward. oh and i picked up a Red Bell Pepper at home depot and my GF named it Roots

    Trapper well be going to my GF's house to live(hope she dont kill it)

    Heres some pix

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  11. Thats pretty cool, Venus Fly Trap. I suppose it should work I have never even thought about the nats/bugs issue or how i would solve it lol.
  12. a venus fly trap is like 100003048058685050509059 times cooler than a sticky fly paper. that is a fucking excellent idea.
  13. Waiting for the lights to go on to take some pix for an update!
  14. DAY 23(FLOWERING):
    Temp:71-75F(off) 81-88F(on)
    Watering: Every 3-4 Days (1/2 Gallon Each)(Distilled Water)
    Nutrients:Fox Farms Flowering Nutrients
    pH: Adjusted to 7 (After Adding Nuts) Runoff: 6.0 (Afghani) 6.5 (skunk #1)
    Height:Afghani=29 Inches Skunk #1=26 Inches

    Pictures are as follows:
    1.Flowering Room, The little guy is Roots the pepper
    3.Skunk #1
    4.Afghani Bud Porn
    5." "
    6.Skunk #1 Bud Porn
    7." "

    Plants are super sticky i was tucking leaves trying to get light to lower parts and my fingers were sticky and smelt like good weed lol. on day 21 they got there first flowering nutrients today or tomorrow they well get there second.

    First time was:
    Tiger Bloom 10ml =Half Strength
    Big Bloom 15ml

    Todays well be:
    Tiger Bloom 15ml = 3/4 Strength
    Big Bloom 20ml

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  15. Looking nice man. Bump from work.
  16. When installing an Inline fan and Carbon Scrubber what side to u put the scrubber?

    is it like this

  17. while it isnt going to make the biggest difference, put the scrubber at the end of the exhaust where it is going out of your room. My buddy put a carbon filter in the middle of his grow and all the buds tasted like hay, so keep it pointing out
  18. You got it right. The carbon filters are designed to pull air through them, not push.

    If your friends weed smelled like hay. Then it wasn't the CARBON filter!

    Just remember Bunny, the less turns and angles in your duct the, more efficient the fan will be.

    Everything is looking good by the way! Keep it up.:wave:
  19. Germination Update #1 Day 1
    Temps :80.2F

    I started my good seeds! 1 shark breath seed and one blue widow, the blue widow was actually started last night. And has already poped open and a tiny tap root is barely starting to show.

    Clone Update Day 14
    Skunk #1 clone showed about a 1/4 inch tap root so i decided to place it in a starter plug so it can start a root foundation
    Afghani clone had no sign of a tap root but i know its comeing soon so i placed it in a starter plug.

    Sku#1 5 1/2 inches
    Afg 3 1/2 inches

    Supplemental Foilar Feeding them 1/4 teaspoon per half gallon, sprayed onto clones lightly...

    No pics sorry GF has my camera maybe tomorrow ill update with pix and a flowering update

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