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  1. im somewhat drunk,bored, and want to tell a story......

    the year 2007 has been probably the worst year of my life, i started this year vomiting into the new year (moonshine WILL rape you) and ever since then i have had horribly bad luck, befor this year i had never been in legal trouble, but that soon changed, in december of this year, my car was stolen and recovered (striped to nothing, but recovered) i then rebuilt the car, and then wrecked it, when the cops showed up, i found out the hard way that my liscence was suspended. they then proceeded to arrest me and search my car and charged me with possesion for A FUCKING STEM IN MY CARPET!!!! so i get bailed out of jail and try to continue on with life until my court date. but of course no more than two weeks later me and a few buddies are waiting on a pizza, and drinking a few beers in my yard when three of gwinnett county's finest for some unbenownst reason decide to roll by my house and of course i get a minor in possesion of alchol. so im still wordering why my luck is changing so strangely when about a month later some asshole decides he wants the wheels on my newly rebuilt car and wake up to them gone too. and finally no more than a month or so ago i get randomly pulled over and searched (without my consent) and given a speeding ticket (even though i wasn't speeding but was never allowed to see the radar gun) and am now on probation in gwinnett county for the liscence and possesion, and also on probation in walton county for the speeding ticket (anyone under 21 who gets ANY traffic violation in walton county gets 12 months probation)
  2. So, your car was stolen in the future?

    It sucks that you have a run of bad luck, every year has been dismal and worse than the last for me. I am hoping that changes, lol, but we shall see.
  3. sorry, im a little drunk and have horrible a.d.d
    hope you luck get a little better also
  4. I want moonshine
  5. ooh man

    looks like you had all the bad luck for a decade, after this you should be fine!

    well, this kinda shit we cant dop nothing about... id recomend you to spread some love (ya know, all you get is what you give), and hope for better days

    and, please, get very very cautious, not paranoid, you see, just cautious, give law no reason to mess with you. You are a free man with rights!
  6. ok so wait, if your car was stolen in december of this year, cant you plan to stop the theft?

    im just messing with you man, im sorry your having such shitty luck, but consider this. your not the only one man, if you want a real horror story PM me
  7. damn man

    i used to live in fulton county, GA has some fucked up laws dude

    i was tlaking to my ex girlfreind back there just the other night, she is on a years probation for a speeding ticket......and it was 300 dollars

    fuck GA lol im so glad i moved
  8. man, i wish i lived in gwinnett county so i could meet up with you and burn one... i immediatly opened this threading knowing it was going to be about a shitty year, and the reason is because if i had any more time on my hands, i would have made the same thread, fuck this bullshit. tossing innocent people the book, left and right, i hate it man it will only get better because i have a theory, every odd year will be shitty, some way shittier than others like 03, and 07 for SURE but its been proven right since 01

    keep ya head up

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