2006 Runescape

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  1. If you want to play the old runescape here it is!

    Project RS06

    Once you sign up here is the downloadable client: projectrs06.com\rs2\client.jar

    There's already thousands of players and growing.
  2. rs06 is cancelled due to jagex threatening to sue and the owner being a puss
  3. nah man that was 2006scape, this is a different website, it is indeed playable.
  4. yeah i played it yesterday its awesome, just like old times. although it isn't up right now, hopefully later :smoking:
  5. Runescape was fun. Like a drug. Can't touch that game again... Gf life lol
  6. I agree I was hooked on that shit like crack , get off runescape to go play out side... Forget about it
  7. Fuck man runescape was my first addiction. Back in like 03 or so when i was like 11 or 12 i played that shit hardcore. I remember over the summer break i really wanted to buy Saradomian(sp?) Rune armor cuz it looked cool as shit (i wasnt a member so didnt have access to all the real cool stuff) so what i did, is for 2weeks, id spend about 5-6hours a day while my parents were working, chopping down Yew trees to sell to members to save up the 3.2m needed.12 years old. Crazy.
  8. When the hell did runescape turn bad :( like the new runescape. the old was SOOOO addicting
  9. I started playing in 05-06 and freaking loved that shit. then the grand exchange hit and i was like ehhhhh , then got used to it and loved it some more. then BAM more gay shit. Then summoning hit, neverr got into that. dungeoneering took me the longest time to get back in to. Might have to start up agai tho :p or join the server idk yet
  10. Yeah runescape to me died in 2007 when the g/e came out. In 2009 i really enjoyed pvp, the aspect of pking anywhere in runescape was awesome imo. Then of course they removed their only good idea (in ages) and officially killed the game with the most recent update (evolution of combat)+ wheel of bullshit lol.

    This server is offline right now but should be back up soon they are fixing something.
    It isn't a complete game yet, alot of stuff is missing like quests and alot of area don't have the characters added yet etc. but most of the basic stuff is there.

    so i am just happy at least there is a playable game, seeing as the official runescape is horrible now.
  11. wtf is this witchcraft u speak of? a fucking wheel of bullshit and evolution of combat? why the hell dont they just make runescape a downloadable game, it would literally fix everything and they could make it so much better while at the same time keeping everything that everyone loved about it.
  12. Honestly I feel like there main goal is to make money, I'm done with jagax

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