2006 Rocky MTN Grow

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  1. Hey up in the rockys at 6000ft above sea level i have two babies going that popped up on 5/5 and 5/6 i will reffer to them as 1 and 2. I have both of them set up under 111 watts of cfl until they are ready to go outside. They are both in just peat moss mixed with perlite right now but i am giving #2 a shot of bat guano today just to see if it helps her out because the lights were accidently shut off and it wrinkled up but it is recovering very nicely
    set up

    over view 1


    over view 2

  2. where in CO are ya at if you dont mind saying?

    i live down by denver at about 6100ft and i had a few plants sprout on me i was pretty excited mine started growing very quickly and then one day i swear a bug must of ate it in half

    i looked at my plant one day and the stalk was like cut in half perfectly hah
  3. near c. springs, i plan on keeping these in 2 or 3 gal pots and have them outside for a month or so before i start to do 12/12 i dont feel like waiting all summer for the results =)
  4. ok here is pictures of my baby inside it looks like its showing signs of a female already at 2 weeks old i dont know check it out



  5. those dont look like female sex pistals to me, they look like new forming fan leaves that are going to pop out of the branch junctions.

    Nice looking plants though, is it the camera making the leaves looking a little yellow? or is that how they actually look?

    Good luck my friend,

  6. they were under cfl when i took the pic but that is what the leaves really look like do i have a nutrient deficent?
  7. could be, i would suggest feeding 20% on a high end phorphorus fertilizer and see if that corrects the problem.. remember, repeated dosages of low (dilute) strength fertilzation (ie, 20% the recommended dose) is always better then full strength (single) does.

    I would try adding 'nutes to your next watering


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