2000w Medical TLO scrog (Cennexxx and Afgoo)

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  1. Here we go!

    We will be supercropping these babies. More pics will come, but this is what we ave planned. Construction is starting. A little worried about runing 2000w electrical wise, hope we can do 220?

    gonna go for a prety long veg so the screen gets filled, maybe 10 weeks of veg?? will have to see how it goes. we will switch once the screen is gettin full.

    Lights might be changing, depending on what we find used.

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  2. Looks interesting ;)

    I almost always supercrop my ladies...

    Nvr saw them cropped before at such a small size though...

    Puttin' my feet up....[​IMG]... pass the [​IMG]
  3. havnt croped em yet, those are just the clones taking root :) see ya in about 5 months, little ones!
  4. :laughing:
    I coulda' swore that one on the left was bent over...
    Optical delusion:smoke::rolleyes::smoke:
  5. So just thinking about lights, if i ran 3000 W in open hoods and put an AC in the room you think it would get hot?? room is 10x7x7.

  6. Do you have some fellow growers helping you out ? Jumping into a 2000 or even 3000 watt grow without any growing knowledge might be begging for disaster .

    By the way your talking I would assume you have someone that is helping you along...

    I run 2000 vented hoods on an 8inch inline , and my temps through winter and as of now never get above 82 during peak lights on.

    With summer coming , the temps will climb , I plan on scaling back to 1000 watts only, the 8inch inline will easily cool the room with only 1k watts in it , with 2k or more, you will need some sort of way to cool the room through the summer.

    July, August and September...

    I thought you were on a budget ? now your going to have a 3000 watt grow with A/C !?!?!?

    Whats changed? lol

    Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out, im on here for sure !

    Going to be fun to watch this all come together !

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    I would say it's do-able ...
    But not sure how ya would figure out what size A/C unit to get:confused_2:

    I have half that much light & if it gets much over 75F I need to run A/C....
    The one flower area with the 1000W is always 10 hotter than the rest of the room...

    And that's with an 8" Vortex pulling through a cool tube w/ a 1000W & a 600W w/ an open hood

    In soil that would probably not be that big of a problem...
    But with hydro that's not good;)

    Oh yeah...
    My two flowering areas are 4' x 4' & 3' x 4'...
    Total room size is about 12' x 16'

    Oh yeah... again:smoking:
    That's a pretty good deal on the triple units...
    Just check bulb prices and you'll see it's worth it...
    Even if ya could get the bulbs @$50 ea., (& ya can't), that would be almost half the price of the complete units...
    But... I likes me cool tubes;)
  8. Did we scare him off Up in Smokin?


  9. [​IMG]I ass-u-me-d this was already setup:eek:
    I thought I was overboard with 1000W in a 4' x 4' :rolleyes:

    This is even more interesting now[​IMG]
  10. I hope not...
    Nothing better than beating a good obstacle[​IMG]
  11. well lights are being searched for tommrowow. hope to find something used :) for the 2000w setup (with glass and a vent in the hood). was just curious if open bulbs ran crazy hot. It is worth it for the bigger lights if we are gonna get a better harvest and a nicer scrog denisity, we could spring for AC but that is just a thought.

    Anyways, it is on a budget, hence we are doing TLO soil (fairly cheap to set up)

    if we had more money we would be growing hydro or aero under lots of LED :p

    so hope to find a deal on 2x 1000w air cooled lights, and we will run them seperate from the air in the room. the air in the room will have 2 box fans to circulate and a carbon scrubbing outtake fan + intake from a cellar. I should have some photos for u guys in the next couple days. :)

    in the mean time, here is an adult of the genetics that will fill most of the screen @ 4.5 weeks flowering.

    [​IMG] (she i
  12. outdoor she has been known to make 2+lb harvests. should be a good scrogger
  13. Sounds like your gonna have a sweet setup , air from the cellar should be cool year round and serve to help cool your room, I would go with the sealed hoods though , open hoods put off a ton more heat than sealed ones, just make sure you have a good inline for the hoods as well.

    Make sure your "intake from the cellar" is significantly less cfm than your exhaust , so you maintain neg pressure .

    With the cold air from the cellar, you may not need an A/C at all, you would have to wait and see how the room is doing after its set-up.

    Looks like your going to be a happy camper in 3 months or so...:D:wave:
  14. literally i hope to be camping.

  15. haha , hopefully camping with lots of free homegrown !
  16. No camping....

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvGJvzwKqg0]YouTube - Don't Bogart That Joint![/ame]

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