2000W Hps Skywalker/ogkush/purple Kush/bubbaog Coco Grow

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    Hello fellow cannabis lovers! This should make a very interesting first post! This is my first grow in my new tent! This tent is 10x10x6'9" the lights are digital apollos in cool tubes. Also, i have a third matching light when im ready. In this grow I will be using cocogro coconut grow media, and house and garden nutrients. This will be my first soiless grow, and first real full scale grow. I have some experience with soil indoors and outdoords using soil and 400 hps. So far I am loving the growth and strength of this setup! This coco is great so far! I obtained the clones from a reputable collective here in Southern California. I veged these plants after transplant into the coir for about a week and now im on day 3 of flowering. Heres some pics!
    Just now!
    Under 1000w for 8 days.
    Air cooled lights.

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    Hey guys! Heres pics today! The skywalkers are already showing calyx! They are so much bigger and fuller! Come to find out, due to growth patterns I can tell that 2 of my OG kushs may actually be skywalkers. 7? skywalkers on left, then moving under the light on the right, 2 purple kush, 3 OG kush, and 1 bubba OG in the far right upper corner.

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  3. Lookin pretty stellar today! They are really taking off! I have roots showing fr8m the bottoms of most of the pots. Should I transplant or will I be ok in the 3gals? Also I have this one plant which has 2 leaves that wrinkled up.. when one got a little too droopy and dead I removed it. The other is pictured. Any ideas what caused this?! The rest of the plant is in great shape! Todays pics!
    The plant with leaves dying
    Dying leaf
    Nicest og kush plant
    Nice skywalker
    Group shot!


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  4. Gonna mount a white spectrum light in the tent pretty soon so I can get better pics! Sorry they are all orange!

  5. Here we go!!
    Everything looks good!! Had a dirty clone with spider mites a few days in and hit them with mighty wash and now they have vanished! I'll let the pics di the talking!

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