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  1. Hi, long time lurker first time grower/contributor... Not really sure what I'm doing.

    I started 2 plants from seeds... no clue what strain they are. I found them in a bag. I put them under a 1000W MH for 18 hours /day. They have/had spider mites but I finished treating the room with No Pest Strips for 2 days. I used to use the grow room for growing tomatoes, eggplant and peppers and the spider mites were still around from those days. I'm looking around for some known seeds or clones, but for now this is all I have.

    What do you guys think so far? Hopefully I get some known strains soon and this becomes a good journal.

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  2. Good job so far, I bet the veggies u had were badass. But was it cost effective?

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  3. Thanks. Not cost effective at all... The value is in the fun/therapy of growing. I still have a homemade top feed drip style system with basil it that I'm running in the soon to be mother/veg room. The top feed system runs off of the ebb and gro res too. I just threw another pump in there for it on a timer that sprays every hour for a minute and drains into the ebb and grow brain bucket.

    I'll be feeding everything the same GH MaxiBloom Lucas formulation out of a 55 gallon res. This includes 3 mothers, 9 vegging plants, 18 flowering plants and my basil system. The flowering plants will be under 2 1000W HPS bulbs.
  4. First time grower here. Also going to use 55gal res with ebb n gro. What are your thoughts about 2 gal buckets? Concerns? Also, how often do you plan on changing your res? Most feeding schedules are weekly/ 2 week. I'm not 100% sure about add back.

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  5. The two gallon buckets are a little small, but there are 9 of them under 1 1000W HPS in a 5' x 5' (up to 5' x 6.5') area. Considering the quantity of pots, there should still be enough space for root mass to fill up the grow space.

    I'm guessing/hoping here... will hopefully find out in a couple months.

    I plan on adding to my res until I have added back 55 gal total, then replace with fresh Lucas Formula solution.
  6. Big Chinook, how many pots and what is your flood schedule?
  7. Haven't started yet, I'm as new as you get. Just retired and starting a new hobby.

    Regarding watering schedule, I have yet to make a decision on medium. That will determine my path. 15min/2 times a day for rock wool or coco? 15/4 times for clay?

    I have 12 pots. Wondering if I should try 6 my first go around since I have no idea of about how big the plants will get. I have 2- 600w lamps in 10 x 10 space.

  8. I use Hydroton clay balls in 30 pots and flood 4 times a day for 45 minutes. It takes a while for all the pots to fill up.

    I would put 6 under each light. You can trim and train them to grow how you want. If it gets to crowded pull a couple out and use them as mothers for the next crop. You could get 2 more 600W for that 10x10 space and spread the plants out more.
  9. I already had a ton of hydroton, so I went that route. But, if I were starting over, I would try mediumless in the ebb and gro first. I'm trying to also minimize my waste output. That's one reason I don't use rockwool, I can clean and reuse hydroton.
  10. Thanks for the input. I welcome all discussion.

    Do you start Lucas (0-8-16) right from the start? Do you add nutes during top up? I'm still not 100% sure how to do that. How much do I add? Need to learn more. What % of Lucas do you start with? What supplements do you use?
  11. We're in 2 different canoes going down the same river my friend. Wish I had the answers to some of your questions, but I'm new at this too.

    I'm using the MaxiBloom version (7grams per gallon) of Lucas formula... more info here: http://lucasformula.com same nute formula in the res the whole time with no supplements because my whole system runs off one res. I'll change the solution as needed, but the formula will be the same. May add some H2O2 every week to help fight off root disease. Also, have four air stones in the res.

    I think I'm going to top off a week or two into flowering... but hopefully someone who has done this before chimes in before I kill both our crops.
  12. Here are my temps right now 63-70 12am-6am and 75-84 the rest of the day.
  13. Oh ya... and right off the bat, I'm fighting spider mites on the only 2 plants here. I hung No pest Strips and washed everything with 10% bleach solution. They seem to be gone but I'm going to hang the NPS up again for a couple days in a week.

    Also, I'm going to make a habanera spray for any plant that comes into the room. I read that the plant actually like the spray... we'll see.
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    So I decided to make some Habenero Pepper Spider Mite cocktail spray following these instruction: http://www.rollitup.org/t/how-to-kill-spider-mites-100-naturally-no-chemicals.475307/

    I read the part about go out and buy a lb of peppers now... and that's what i did... 1.5lbs actually. Got home ground them up (about 50 of them) and then I read the rest of the recipe and it says you need 5 peppers. Well I made a 10x concentrate that I'll keep in the fridge and dilute down as needed.
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    That's a damn nice setup, very clean!
    Sorry to hear about the mite problem but it sounds like you got all your bases covered. If you have a pet make sure and keep them out, they can track the mites back in. Luckily my dog seems to have complete indifference concerning the grow area.
    I don't know how hard it is to get rid of them personally, but I think once you get them you have to stay vigilante for a while and never relent your guard or measures taken. At least not for a month or so, I forget what the life cycle is for those things. Wikipedia probably has it listed.
  16. Thanks. my buddy told me today that he has some clones for me. I think he has 10 clones. now it should get interesting. I should know the strains tomorrow.

    The room is setup for a monthly harvest. 2 stations with 9 pots, 1000W HPS in each and then 9 pots for vegging under 600 MH. Since this is my first grow, I have a 1000W MH bulb in the flowering room running 18 hours on for the plants to veg under. I'll change the bulb to a 1000W HPS when ready to flowering.
  17. The spider mites seem to be gone now, but I'm spraying the habanero extract every few days to help prevent another outbreak. But more bad pest news...I think I have fungus gnats. Hopefully the pepper spray works on them too. I'm going to hang the No pest strips up soon for a couple days, but the first round didn't get all of them before, so not hopeful. I wasn't careful enough with my vegetable garden and I let the pests get out of control in between crops. I've cleaned everything with 10% bleach.

    Right now the 2 bag seed babies seem to be doing ok. The res just has 50gal water, 1.5 fl oz of superthrive and 946ml of 3% H2O2. I'm trying to clean the system, but not kill the 2 plants. If they die in the process its ok because I have clones on the way... got delayed but should be here tomorrow.
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    Got 10 clones today... 4 Skywalker and 6 Cotton Candy. They look pest free, but I sprayed them down with the habanero pepper spray to try to make sure they stay that way.

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  19. Tomorrow I'm going to dump the superthrive, 946mL 3% H2O2, 50gal H2O mix in the res and make up a GH MaxiBloom Lucas formula. Then the 4 skywalker and my 2 bag seed plants will go under 1 1000W MH and the 6 cotton candy under another 1000W MH, 18 hours a day for 4 weeks. I'll end up pulling clones and making a few of these mothers (hopefully) before we go to flower.

    I think i have 1 indica and 1 sativa strain. I may end up scrogging one or both... need to do some homework first. I would appreciate any help, guidance or feedback along the way. Thanks.
  20. Hey guys. Thanks for the couple pieces of feedback I received so far but, I'm going to abandon this thread. It's not really getting the type of forum engagement I was hoping for. Any questions or comments, please feel free to PM me. I'm going back to being just a lurker. Thanks and peace out.

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