2000mg of Acetaminophen

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  1. So the doc gave me meds to take every four hours and not to exceed 5. Just saw that it has 750mg of Acetaminophen and I'm 2000mg in. I've never fucked with this shit. I knew it was never worth it and I don't want to trash my liver this young. He just gave me some samples and it's like a miracle drug. I'm going to try to get a scrip, took a hard edge off my migraine and I haven't felt this fresh in days. I discovered theres a 325 Acetaminophen and 30mg codeine version. When I tell the doc the samples worked good he'll probably give me a script. Would it be too much to ask for the alternatives? I don't see anything wrong with it. I cherish my liver as I do everything in my body, I'd rather avoid it all together. How much damage do you think I did alone today? Should I take that last two? I can't describe the level my headache and I trust the doc most likely knows what hes doing?

    Think I couple drinks would kill me? :D :rolleyes:
  2. I would say you are fine.... I have taken over 2400 Acetaminophen before and was perfectly fine... Actually I took that much or close to that much for 5 days in a row and was fine. Also... the 30mg codeine verson would be amazing, aim for the stars man :)
  3. If the doc says that then I would just call him up and ask if that much is safe. It more than likely is, I dont know too much about that though. And I think as long as this med is only temporary and not an everyday kind of thing then you should be fine.
  4. It's only enough to last another day so I'll tell him when it runs out. If the headaches still there I'll probably get the scrip, well at least logic seems that way. Did I mention the main active ingredient is a barbiturate? Unfortunitly it also has caffeine so I'm a little jittery.
  5. Acetaminophe is tylenol dude. You can't get high off it.

    There should be another number with the opiate-based painkiller.
  6. whats the name of it?
  7. I'm sorry but I don't even think you read my post. Not to mention I didn't say I was fucked up until now. Which I am.
  8. It's a pill that's directed to take 4-5 a day. I have the 50/750/40. butalbital/Acetaminophen/caffeine. As I said theres also the 50/325/40 and 50/??/40/39 (Butalbital/Asprin/Codeine/Caffeine) I have the only samples he had to offer. When I get the scrip (if i do) it will be the one with less shit, or more of lower doses.
  9. Acetaminophen has opium in it, thats what makes it a painkiller :rolleyes:
  10. Actually it's a non-opioid chemical that blocks receptors in the brain.
  11. What'd you get it prescribed for anyways?

    I like codeine...makes me feel warm n fuzzy:)
  12. Pressure headache. It's migraine medicine.
  13. 1 dose of extra strength tylenol is 1000mgs of acetiminophen, and if you took the 2nd 1000 8 hours after the first 2 were ingested your at a safe dose, n since ur takin 1 every 4 hours then ur only takin 1500 in 8 hours, which really isnt all too much
  14. Wanted to test their potency so I tried them all at once first. :p
  15. its best to stay away from drinks when on apap, if you really cherish your liver. thats crap that he gave you, did it work for you? if it worked than, cool.
  16. I really think no one read my first post. Yes, I feel 80% better, I still get pain spikes but I'm hoping the codeine alternative, which completely drops all the Acet. will be an option soon.
  17. your liver can handle up to four grams in 24 hours before it's fatal i think
  18. Think it would be too much to ask (inproper doctor ettiquite or raise a red flag) if I Request the lower mg version or the codeine alt.? Or would it be best to hint at it.

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