Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sidious, Mar 23, 2003.

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  1. wohoo.....i can't beleive i posted 2000 posts.....most of which have probably been bullshit stoner posts......lol.....Peace out....Sid
  2. Congrats on the posts!!!

    :does the 2000 posts dance:

    and this bong hit is for you!
  3. YEEE HAWWW Keepem' coming my friend!!
  4. *as Smokie jams to One by Metallica, he jumps up n says yay sid* :p
  5. congrats sid
  6. bullshit stoner posts are the best kind of posts man..
  8. yay... now that i'm no longer all shitty, i can dance (sorry BH, LOL)..

    ::does the 2000 post for sid::

    congrats man. looking forward to the next 1,000 :D
  9. Damn congrats sid. I don't think I'm even up to 300 yet. I'll get there though :D
  10. congrats... i will smoke a bowl for u tommorow when i wake and bake....
  11. ::::doing the 2000 posts dance:::::

    Congrats, Sid! You rock, dude!!!
  12. Way to go.

    :::::::::::::::Does 2,000 post dance as well::::::::::::::::::
  13. lol at first i thought this was like an old thred about the year 2000....but nice job with all the posts
  14. tnx blades......Peace out......Sid
  15. Thats awesome man!:) I just got 200, and I was pretty proud of that:) but shit, way to go.
  16. good job........... holla @ ya boy haze
  17. Damn it only took him 8 months to get to 2k, nice going bro!
    If we average that out that was a solid 8 posts a day! Not bad man, not bad atall

    and also, you're hot
  18. Nice bump bro. 12 year old thread
  19. And the OP hasn't been by the City for three.
  20. [​IMG]

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