200 plants on 16x4 grow area.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by trist, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. Hi all!

    Here is the plan for my grow table ... two 8x4' ebb&flow trays (linked, or on separate pumps) supporting 100 plants on each tray. Does that sound feasible? I know it doesn't conform to the general rule of 1 plant per sq.ft, but this fellow here (http://www.overgrow.com/edge/gallery/3676/sogs_tblx2.JPG) managed to fit 218 plants on a single 8x4' table.

    Do you think 100 plants might still be too much for the 8x4' table? I think it could work, but then I have no experience :D

    As a side note, the strain is chronic, and the plants will be clones grown under 5 or 6 600w hps'.. roughly 7500 lumens per sq.ft. The medium for rooting and growing clones will be rockwool cubes. Also the plants will be co2 enriched, with increased temp around the 90 F mark. I'm aiming for quantity as much as quality here, so please let me hear your thoughts.
  2. had a look at the photo, nice :)

    i think u shud go 4 it. if it works then gr8, if they are to squashed up then thats wot clippers r for aint it. just remove every 2nd or 3rd plant and space the next crop out a bit more. ur gonna have to start them small tho.

    good luck.
  3. your gonna be using a awful amont of energy and thats what the electric companys report and with that many if you get caught you can pretty much say goodbye to everything you own
  4. True, it is a fair bit of energy ... over 3000 watts, but I've done my homework and power usage appears to only attract attention when it 'jumps' i.e not constant.

    In any case i'm going to extreme lenghts of security, and I plan to mask the true use of electricity with a shitload of dummy appliances ... lots of computers, space heaters, that sort of thing.
  5. I just saw a episode on cops about that some poor guy got turned in to the cops from the elect company all the appliances in the world arnt gonna hide that smell brother shit thats 3000watts your gonna be using at least 18 hours a day there is gonna be a big difference from your prior bill and unless your running a coin operated laundrymat at your home lets just say they aint stupid

    good luck hope you dont need it
  6. that's a alot of juice!!.....if i were you i'd replace all the bulbs in your house with the energy saving ones.....ie if you got 10- 100w bulbs, replaced with 10x 15x energy savers then that 3000w surge will be reduced to 2150w....just an idea....i did it for mine.......Peace out....Sid
  7. There won't be a prior bill, as this won't happen until I move into a new house :D

    Yes but an in-line ozone generator on the exhaust duct will do just fine. And as I said, I'm going to extreme lengths of security; a decoy hydro setup in the garage with "high" power lights growing a more legal sort of plant, in conjunction with the extra appliances in the house is enough to justify the 3000 watt usage... should I ever need to.

    Thanks for the extra idea sid ... I only read your post just now. Minimize other electrical usage, good one. I'll definitely keep that in mind.

    Now back to my original concern ... does anyone think that 200 plants SoG style would be able to produce an oz. per plant in the tight space? Chronic is known to produce a very large cola with a relatively small amount of bushiness... I was hoping this would be the optimum strain to use in this grow where the main focus is on cola buds. Apparently it puts out a yield close to Big Bud, but can it cut the 1 oz. mark you think?
  8. a gotta think off the smell buddy that was already mentioned tooo! Yea ya are putting tons of money into this with the hps's and electricity but ya should just put money into some room for ya plants to grow then maybe let like 25-50 grow big and get an once or 2 or maybe 3 from each and that ill be rather better for ya since ya wouldnt prolly get an once from each 200 plants and count on some being males
  9. I'm hiding the smell with an ozone generator inline on the exhaust duct. There's no way I'm having one of those in the grow room ... too much potential to harm the plants, whether it's been proven or not.

    I like your idea tho hoko... I may have to trial 100 plants on one tray and 25-40 on the other, see which one gives the most yield at harvest :D cheers for the idea!
  10. yup no problem good luck with it!

  11. i really like this idea trist. what i usually do in the beginning is WAY overcrop you know germinate way too many seeds, clone way too many and then I get to choose my best crop you know, the cream of the crop :)_ hehe sorry chuckling here i cant believe i wrote that.

    but for sure id do this.

    i think i would love to come help you with this project *wink*
    i know its too secure though

    good luck we'll be here for you

    oh and the inline ozone; awesome its marvelous; you should always have a backup though some sort of way to deal with a failing situation, especially with the investment that it seems your putting in

    love the idea with the legals in the garage too, put a 400 on 8 hour light or soemthing out there, and grow low light plants :) liek the po know the difference lol

    stay cool and grow your own smoke
  12. Heheh good to see you like my idea of the decoy grow in the garage!

    I don't know how I'm going to get around the electricity completely though... here in Australia, the electricity companies are selling information to police flagging people with inflated bills :( Not sure if a massive bill is enough to justify a search warrant though...
  13. i think the idea of a decoy is good but id think twice about it being a grow decoy, y put the idea in2 ppl's heads that u know how to grow at all, its only a small step from growing cabbage 2 growin weed in most ppls eyes. and its a big jump from 400w in the garage to the 3000w or 3400w that ur gonna b using.

    y dont u buy an electric powerd car? ok so u may not look cool driving it now and then but u'd look a dam sight more stupid in the back of a police car!

    nomatter wot u do tho ur still gonna get that huge bill unless u think again about how much light u need. id have a good think about using a light mover and/or less lights. do u really need 7500 lu p.sq'? wont 3 600w or even 2 1000w lights do?

    there are other ways to cover ur bill. 1, dig ur floor up and tap into the lecky b4 it gets to ur meter. 2, diesel genarators and storage battarys(it has bin done) 3, if the house is just a grow house then use all the electric u want, dont let them in to read the meter for as long as u can get away with then either move or have a small fire in ur house that melts the meter. 4, give up the idea of tryin to b a gangsta and just grow a more human amount.

    gud luk. and dont drop the soap in the shower.

  14. i think the light mover is a good idea, not the spinnning kind though get the one that is on a rail and it slides up and down it takes it about 6 minutes to go the length of the rail and then it pauses for 30 seconds on each side for even exposure. you can put 2 lights on this too if you are so inclined.

    they make attachments and shit too, you can have the rail more than 9 feet long. here is an example of one.

    here is a light rail, chain drive, and rotator


    stay cool guys grow your own smoke
  15. Yeah I may consider light movers ... thing is, that will really inflate the investment of this setup :(

    And barnaby, 3 600 watt hps' would be safe to run, by all means. And they'd put out a good 4500 lumens per sq.m. Sufficient by all means, but not 'optimal'. It may have to do though.

    I guess the only way to know for sure how much wattage is safe would be to trial the full power system for 3-6 months, on a legal grow, say tomatoes, and see if it attracts attention. If it does, tone the wattage down by half and stick to a smaller grow. What do you guys think?
  16. Or ya could split up the grow and do it in two smaller places... it will be a little inconvientcing but you won't get caught as easy..
  17. First of all GrEaT Idea nd grow space from what I've read and good luck with it all hopefulyl you'll post as it flourishes so we can see how it all works out in case anyone I.E. ME want to fool around with the same deal.... What I was thinking though is computers and houshold appliance are only used so often so do they really use that much energy... Especially computer i know a computer uses less energy than your avg. Lightbulb, so unless you have alot of high voltage apps. it doesn't seem like a safe enough decoy to me but the nagain if it works the Rewards are goign to be GrEaT!!!

    Good luck.... that's just my 2 cents.....

  18. Very true. Even though a computer power supply can be rated anywhere from 300-500 watts, this is a maximum wattage. A more realistic power usage figure is around the 60 watt mark.

    I'm trying to find out if this is the same with hps bulbs. I know for a fact that the ballast consumes the most power when starting up, but I have no idea what the actual average running power level is. It sounds plausible though, say if a ballast used 30% extra power during the few seconds of startup, and it was rated at 600 watts MAXIMUM (i.e the amount used during startup), then average watt usage could be said to be around 460 watts. This is guesswork though :( keep that in mind, I could be wrong.

    More on this as I find out... Does anyone know for sure?
  19. hmmm this is what i dont get..... ya wanna grow 200 plants and hopefully get 200 ounces ya are putting in a few hundred to a couple thousand into this in lights and electricity... well i persoanlly think if u are doing this to sell its gonna take a hell of a long time to sell 200 ounces to some people in a 2-3 month time maybe longer or smoke that much.... i think u should just grow like 10 plants with hps systems which u are using and try and become a master with this grow and get like 20 ounces if ya could which would be impossible for me since i cant even get germinated seeds to come up (LOL) well most of u could pull it off then right when those 10 plants go into flowering get 10 more babys and keep going that will give u a good 20 ounces to sell or smoke and while u are harvesting those put the others into flowering and start 10 more babys that way u are never out of bud and dont have mountains of it overflowing ya home... ( this is all my oppinion not saying that ya ideas are bad but my oppinion k?

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