200$ bong?

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  1. hey gc!:wave:
    i have about 200$ to spend on a decent glass bong either from online or in a lhc...so i was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions for a tube and/or attachments....
    the only specific things in a tube i am looking for would be either clear thicker glass (color on the label is fine), sometype of diffused downstem, maybe percs? idk
    suggestions please!
  2. Is that the Syn showerhead?
    If so, its a great piece and is def worth it!!

    Pro tip: Never get a tube taller then 18" since thats the standard tall tube and is actually quite large. Plus any taller will just be harder to store, clean, and maintainnot to mention taller tubes=more unstable.

    Check out Syn on ALT and SSFG on Etsy(just posted a thread with some of their work)
    Good luck bro.
  3. look no further
  4. send a link for that bong haha that looks insane

  5. Agreed, looks amazing.
  6. I. JUST. CAME.....:hello: that is one badass tube lmao! but how would the drag be on this peice?
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ep2JEIOmjg&NR=1]YouTube - Doit[/ame]
  8. Link to buy this?
  9. You've got a PM.
  10. i may have just peed my pants laughing
  11. can you pm me this link for this bong as well, please?
  12. LMFAO!!! thanks!... i really appreicate u finding that bong for me though as soon as i get paid im gonna buy that! +rep!:smoke:
  13. For everyone digging the syn mini showerhead......its fuckin DANKKK. Got one recently, worth every cent. Not sure where you can find one for 210 tho, theyre usually 260(?) on alt.
  14. thats whats up! :hello: how is the drag on it? and how does it hit??
  15. ^this. I would appreciate one as well.^
  16. It is soo effortless to hit. No drag at all. I actually had to add a draggier bowl to it because I like it with a little bit of drag.

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