20 watt LED?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by ZubeRules, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Has anybody ever seen or tried to use these 20 watt LED lights I came across at a lighting store. You have to wire them in. I think they are for outdoor use. But im sure they would be fine. Made in china... so I'm not sure. No one knew of there life span. 1455852971539.jpg
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  2. The spectrum is very important, and a proper grow light LED has heat sinks and fans along with multiple smaller (3-10w) diodes to combat heat, spread out the light and combine spectrums.
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  3. Don't chemist, might as well shine a q-beam on your plants. Bad news dude
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  4. You should see how it goes maybe we can all learn from this experiment.

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  5. I have a 20w grow light in the same form factor (below). I used it next to some other lights and found it to be ineffective. I suspect the white to be even less effective.
    I use white LEDs as "full spectrum" supplemental lighting, but I noticed there are some differences in their output. I use a $5 spectroscope I bought from Amazon to analyze their output. There are often dead bands in the spectrum.

    I have a similar 20w work light LED I bought a long time ago. Below is the output fro the spectroscope. It has a dead band from about 470nm to 480nm, but otherwise the spectrum looks good. Give it a try - at least you'll end up with a decent work light. image.jpg

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