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20 sack??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nathan, May 26, 2009.

  1. This guy wants to smoke with me, and he said we both should buy a 20 sack. What is that? Sorry I don't know much about names. I'm good with numbers though.
  2. A 20 sack usually is a gram priced at 20$.
  3. A 20 sack, colloquially referred to as a "dub" is usually 1.2 g. (may vary depending on location)

  4. Is it dank?
  5. a 20 sack could be any bud worth 20 dollars, it could be mexican brick, it could be some purple haze
  6. Always.

    EDIT: My dubs are always dank. I don't know if yours will be though.
  7. i call a dub the same, mine are usually 2-3g of mids, or if im buying it 4-7g, dank i wouldnt buy in such a low quantity, my friends do and its usually a g, i sell a g of dank, kush or haze

  8. Ohh ok. I was wondering what a dub is. I know my grams, ounces and pounds. But the names always get me.
  9. google pictures of kush, haze, northern lights, dro, etc. learn by sight so you can tell on the spot
  10. You won't know if it's dank until you acually see the bud itself. If it's dank, then 20$ is normal price, but if its lower quality then you shouldn't pay 20 for it and see about him lowering his prices.

    You won't know the strain by looking at the bud itself. You won't really know what it is, you just have to go by what your man tells you.

  11. Where I'm at a dub is always 3.5grams. Doesn't matter what quality...Just goes to show how much that lingo varies around the states.

  12. actually not completely true, a 20 sack means that it cost 20 bucks, if its dank it will not be alot, if its mids it should be about 3.5 grams, you cant barter price on a 20 sack, cause if you get it for less than 20, its not a 20 sack, the name refers to price
  13. certain strains, smell, taste, and sometimes look different, im sure white widow looks different from purple haze
  14. Spaz, I don't think it is really possible to learn all the strains. Personally, every time I buy, I get a different strain and usually I don't know the names. There are so many strains, it's not possible to learn all the names.

    If it's just me not understanding what you meant, then I'm sorry.

    To OP : A 20 sack is, in my area, 20$ worth of weed. If it's 1 gram or more or if it's dank or shwag; it's all about your dealer's price.

  15. i mean so someone doesnt whip out dro and push it as exodics, if you know the name brands that are generally more money you can tell them apart from something that may look a bit good but shouldnt be sold for that price
  16. a dub doesnt mean 20 dollars worth of dank it means 20 dollars worth of weed it could be like 1 g of dank 2.6 of mids(thats what i get for 20 of mids) or a shit load of schwag
  17. #17 Knee Deep, May 27, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 27, 2009

    What i say is fuck all this retarded terminology. the way me and the people i associate with do it is simple:Bad weed, Aight weed, and Gooood weed.

    I don't really even worry about the strain unless i am growing it or someone i know well is growing it.

    I am not trying to dis you spaz, it's just your use of dro and "exodics" in the same sentence brought out a long time coming rant.
  18. These people dont know what they are talking about... lol.

    a 20 sack does not imply any sort of quality.. the people that tell you its always dank are just wrong...

    A 20 sack is and bag of weed worth 20 bucks. If im gonna buy a 20 sack then ill get an 1/8 of mids, cause 1 gram just isnt "fun" to me.

  19. I basically said this earlier, but i couldnt say this better myself ha ha:hello:
  20. im sure its that reggie you'll be gettting for your twenty sac.
    a gram is usually 20 so he wouldve probably said "wannna get a gram" if it was dank.

    dont get that sac tho, get the gooood :)

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