20 SACK PHAT i must say

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by pyrotec420, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. this is the 20 sack i pickled up from a buddy honestly its not the best shit its some killer bc bud but not the best but it gets your fuckin high and also i get fuckin hooked up so its all good anyway heres 2 pics !!!!!! lets blaze!

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  3. a pic with the stuff out of the bag would've been nice, the glare from the camera barely lets you see anything.
  4. :smoke::smopking:the flash of yuor camera ..........:smoking:y can`t see the picture.............:happy::smoking:
  5. Nice bag of weed
    lets takes some bong hoots :D u should post ur bong man!!
  6. It looks like leaves and you can see a stem, that's about it...
  7. Not bad for a bag of shakes. I would have bought it for $20 and picked out the stems if i didnt grow.
  8. omg thats a huge 20 sack i get like one fith of that for 20$ i cant wait til i grow my own omg.
  9. i would pay $10 for it... it looks like a mix of shake and leaves...and stems...

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