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$20 Sack Of ~Beasters~

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Indiana_joker, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I went on of 8th of this shit from a new dude. Its not too bad. kinda leafy and Smokes alittle harsh. all n` all Gets me high:smoke: Dude said 320 an Oz and 1200 a Qq. Hes gettin it str8 from grower so i know he can knock it down... Sorry pics in from Webcam. I Am thinking about getting a Camera for macro and just photograghy. Neone have ne Suggestions??? i was thinking about maybe a Cannon:D

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  2. looks like some funk outdoor, nice find
  3. Wait how much was the eighth? $20? Or did you go in on it wit someone for the other half?

    And no offense but even if the $1200 gets knocked alot its still really waxed. For $1200 a quap i want some FLAME buds no leafs at all and not beasters.
  4. still looks kinda wet to me, i could be wrong tho, im totally blitzed right now
  5. I was bout to say the same
    Cuz Theres no way that an O of that is 320
    and you got an eigth for 20
  6. 40 an 8th. lol im not sayin 1200 is a good price. Id be kool with 400 a qp :rolleyes:.
  7. Theres a LOT of leaves on that bud, but it still looks delicious.
  8. Ur totally Rite dude! still a little wet and squishy nothing too bad. Im gunna have to give u a + rep and bong hit for that! :smoke:
  9. Ya i figured and 40 per slice is a pretty good grab I'd drop probably like 700 on a qpeezy of that.

  10. thanks bro, let it dry out for a couple days in a mason jar n itll be perfect :D
  11. I pay 800 a qp here in MA for better looking beasters. 40 an 8th is aite price, just not 1200 a qp
  12. Whoever harvested that bud would be what I call a LAZY TRIMMER.

    I'd still smoke it though. :smoking:
  13. i just picked a half oz of this exact same tree today, supposedly its "kush", i wish i had pictures, but all i have is my webcam
  14. 1200 a qp of beasters? You sir are getting raped worse than Drew Barrymore was raped by Tom Green's negative image.
  15. haha i havent heard of tom green in a long time. one ball lookin ass. jk. well looks like good bud op

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