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20 Dollar Fire (Pics Included)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Rosenrot1989, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I picked this up from a guy I go to school with. I weighed it and it's 3 grams, almost 4. The strain is lemon Haze and it's grown indoors. it has many orange hairs everywhere. The scent is not too strong. It smells earthy kind of like tea leaves. I was just wondering if i got a good dea because I'm a bit of a n00b. I'm in Northern California.Thanks


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  2. You sure that's indoor?
  3. I was told that's what it was. I'm no pro, so that's why i'm on here.
  4. Those hairs are beautiful, it looks to be some good weed man, 20 bucks for an eighth and it looks nice. You gotta good deal
  5. #5 Tastytrichomes, Jun 20, 2013
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    20 bucks would barely get me 0.8g (NJ)
  6. i feel your pain.
  7. Not bad for 20..but if u live in cali you should be getting some super dank
    It's outdoor, and plus...
    we can now conclude it's outdoors. I know this for a fact, because indoor grown Lemon Haze smells like pungent lemons. 
    The only reason why many people choose indoor over outdoor is because outdoor grows are exposed to the elements [but it's always natural sunlight over artificial any day] while indoor is 'protected' from any sort of contaminate. However, this doesn't mean all outdoor is bad, it's just that well-grown outdoor [biggest problem are seeds] is slightly hard to come by.
    You were given a good hand and have a good dealer. That is quality outdoor and you are lucky enough to get it at a bargain. That exact pickup would have been 20-35 dollars more around my area [NJ].
    you better enjoy that shit
  9. Same as me man..
  10. #10 Old School Smoker, Jun 20, 2013
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    if you got that for $20 and its fire, then I want to hook up with your connect. Here in cali, you can get bud that looks good and smells good, but it wont get you high. $20 for and 8th in cali may get you swag. The best i got was $25 an 8th for mids.
  11. The worst misconception in the weed world is that you can tell indoor from outdoor purely by smell..
  12. I'm so phucking jealous of people who live in those magical, heavenly states.
  13. I'm enjoying it right now. It smokes great and definately has a citrus taste. I guess I got lucky because I live in a town known for having cheap potent weed
  14. Even if you grow it yourself? woah.
  15. lol no i was talking about buying it. woah.
    I'll smoke a bowl for you if you smoke a bowl for me.  Deal?
  17. #18 Scribbles510, Jun 20, 2013
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    Once again homie, don't speak for NorCal. I would get 3.5 for $20 all day of that shit, and I'm in the most expensive area of NorCal weed-wise.

    Northern California and Southern California are two different states. The OP said he's from Northern CA, where I would expect a deal like that.
  18. Done deal...loading bowl now....
  19. I'm grinding some up...

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