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20 days till harvest

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by InfamousTree, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. How are they looking[​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. Stacked and packed what strain and from who?
  3. 1st pic 3 power plants 1 chem dog and 1skunk d 1 purple train. 2nd pic 1 sour lemon 2 blue dreams 2 purp trains blimburn humbolt gyo and dutch passion. I think the blue dreams genetics are trash in my opinion they may yeild great and smoke great but not an indoor managable strain i killed one a few weeks in to flower due to bananas. Think its an over hyped finnicky genetic smash up with way too much height. Maybe a beast outdoor but ill never grow that humbolt strain again.
  4. The skunk d chemdog and sour lemon were freebies the chemdog smells like chemicals no doubt its a decent looking plant a tad undesired as pattern but overall good looking its the front right 1st pic the skunk d is the most dense pretty nugs iver ever seen its 1st pic back left the power plants are very uniform theres 3 in 1st pic with the one purp train in the front center. Overall ill prob run purp train the skunk d and powerplant again all the other eh we will see the weight and consumer feedback to judge. But this may come as a shock but fuck blue dream thats for the birds outside.... For a top 10 desired strain its an ugly plant imho.
  5. Gee - they sure look swell.
  6. Looking good. Don't chop them too soon!
  7. Very nice looking. But why 20 days till harvest? Do you harvest based on a scheduled time frame? And with several different strains, I'd think some would be done sooner than others. I'm just curious as to where the 20 days comes from.
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  8. Im on a timeframe ill be doing a partial harvest this time and allow the undergrowth a couple more weeks
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  9. How'd it come out? Looks great!

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  10. It came out so so the partial harvest left just gained a lil weight but almost fuzzy with tricomes
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