2 x Lights via 1 x UK Plug

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  1. Hey everyone just a quick question but can I safely connect 2 x light holders (max 100 watt) to one plug or does each bulb holder have to have its own plug to be safe??? I have seen lots of people when using CFL's wiring multiple holders up to a single plug and was wondering if this is safe.

    I am in the UK as well.

    I am only running 2 x CFLs on 45w and one 65w so nothing big in terms of power but it would be great if I could run them from one plug instead of two. Of course if possible I would use good wire and all joins etc would be insulated.
  2. If I remember right..UK plugs have a fuse in them, and thats a good idea!
    The better or maybe correct way is to wire 1 lamp holder into the other lamp holder, brown or red wire to brown or red wire, blue or black wire to blue or black wire
    then into the wall plug, that has a fuse in it, maybe 5 amp,..so you are daisy chaining them,
    consider getting a power box, so you can add more later, don't forget the fan, a 6" is ideal

    good to see you!!

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    I should of been a little clearing I didn't intend on have 2 x wires coming off of one plug and into 2 individual light holders but instead just as you described I will have the lights in a chain or if you look at the image I've attached do you think this would work/be safe???

    Any input from people who know a little about electrics in the UK would be great

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  4. Although that would work, should a fault occur in one it will also short out the other..good luck

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