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2 x 90 watt LED ufo vs t5 4 bulb set up for veg

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by 50Dave, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Hi folks,

    I have a dr90 with a 400 wat hps. I have been using that for flower. I want to use a second grow tent as a veg chamber so I can harvest 4 plants every 9-10weeks.

    I have 1 90 watt led from htgsupply that i use for veg already, and it works great. If i was to get a second one and use two of them to veg 4 plants, would that work better then one 4 foot, 4 bulb t5 fixture? The veg tent would be 51x22x48. Also, what would be better at giving off less heat?
  2. In my experience so far with LED's I have found that with a full spectrum or veg LED-plants seem to respond with growth much better than with florescents.. not sure about CFL ones but T5's in my case. I would go with the LED's they're excellent for veg! Once I see how my plants develop under my blackstar 240 flowering light I'll be able to comment on them in flowering too.. now I play the waiting game lol.
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    Ya. I'm wondering if I can veg 4 plants under 2 90 watt UFO then transfer them to my other tent.

    Also what are doing to move air? Will a 6 inch inline/helper fan keep things cool for 2 UFO?
  4. well my UFO and blackstar create enough heat that it got quite hot in my small tent.. I use two 80 CFM 4in inline fans with homemade carbon filters on the intake, then I vent them to the outside of the tent and leave a vent open on the bottom of the tent. One fan is on with the timer for the lights and the other is constantly running. keeps my setup scent free and cool when the lights are on. if the fan moves somewhere between 80-160CFM and you have a low restriction or no filter it should be able to keep it cool. the fans on my LED's move enough air to get a little stem movement out of the plants too..

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