2 X 250watt HPS for a narrow space?

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    Well, techinicall it's a thin space but you get the idea. There is a closet that has about one square meters total, but it's 2 ft by 6 ft, height is no issue as it's 9 ft tall. What if a person was going to use this space for a SOG setup and wants the reliable HPS lighting? Should there be a single 400 or 600 watt or a pair of 250's? The closet could probably handle about 15 SOG plants and the pair of 250's should provide good coverage without crowding. Does this sound better than a single light?

    Also, would there be advantage in using red panels of LED's as supplemental lighting or is that unnecessary? I guess what I'm asking is, is there a ceiling limit to light that no longer brings benefit?
  2. Ive been there and done that with the 250's, not what i was looking for.

    Go for 2x 400 and you will have a yield to be proud of.

    LED's on the 2 400's would be less than spectacular, and unneccesary. Go for about 5 ft if u have he room, sog it upa nd let them grow a little taller, the 400 with a cool tube can get very closer to the canopy (if ure using CT)
  3. 2ftx6ft...600 w/ light mover works really well in those dimensions also.

  4. sounds like 250's just aren't gonna cut it... thanks for the tips guys!
  5. youve made a good decision my friend.

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