2 Weeks.... Leave comments plz. need help.

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  1. Ok so most of the leaves have stopped curling up. there still the one leaf next to the top of the lighter. It has now been 2 weeks since I put the seedling in the soil. Whats the best nutes? And price? I have heard of fox farm. Havent check them out yet. What are so basic prices? I am on kind of a budget tho. So any cheap way my be good for now and Ill get it as I go along.

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  2. get organic nutes for sure. fox farm seems to work for a lot of people you can check out prices online. im using an organic tea on my plants right now
  3. What do you mean by organic tea? Plz explain.
  4. Fox Farms Nute Trio is cheap...htgsupply.com or amazon.com Comes with a easy to read idiot proof chart for all stages of growth.
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    What he said ^. Got my tea online, all i do is add water. They're easy to use and have been working well for me. Organic is all natural so it has all the good stuff

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