2 weeks into flower and Holes in Leaves (Spreading)

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    my plants are 2 weeks I to flower and I’m starting to notice a lot of holes on the new growth.
    I’m growing white widow outdoors in Promix HP in 15 gallon fabric pots. I’ve been using the Floranova Grow and Bloom and half strength through out its life. Water has always been ph at 6.4-6.5.
    I don’t see any bugs on top or underneath the leaves. I have sprayed an insecticide soap and it’s had no affect.

    It does seem to be spreading and I’m lost to what to do and don’t want to loose my crop. Should I prune the effected branches or just the effected leaves even though there attached to a bud site?
  2. Has anyone come across this?
  3. I've had similar I put it down to insects/ snails slugs. I cut off the worst leaves and let the plant focus on the good parts. If you are happy there are no mineral defiencies. Bear in mind I'm a new grower too so take my advice with a pinch of salt!

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  4. I have seen this before but no where near as bad. It was a mates plants and they had a tiny slug crawling up and eating the holes in a night and going back to where ever it came from druing the day. I would suggest having a look at night and you may find the culprit. Im not saying thats what it is but ide check the at night and see what you find.
    Good luck.

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  5. It is definitely leaf hoppers. I went out this morning before sunrise and 2 of my plants are covered in them.
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  6. Yeah its leaf hoppers I get the odd one or 2 every year that I can see but they only eat the leaf and are gone by bloom season where I'm at but wow man I've never seen that much damage from them holy shit

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  7. If it were slugs or snails you would see the goop they leave on the leaves...I call it a snail trail but some women may take offence to that terminology....lmfao

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