2 Weeks in, do they look right?

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  1. so i planted the seeds two weeks ago. 1/2 regular swag and 1/2 k.b. i used a mix of m.g. potting soil, cow manure, and m.g. seed starter. this is my 2nd grow, my first one did not go to well but this time i am trying to have a succesful grow and learn along the way so i can have my own stash :) right now i am using some plant lights from wally world and i have a cfc tube light im going to get set up one of these days. any kind words will be a great help.

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  2. Well for one you have 2 seeds planted in one pot, which is a no-no.

    Also, they look stretched...those lights don't look very good for growing. At the very least try to get some CFL's you can hang
  3. yea i put a few seeds in each pot so that something will grow. i was thinking of taking out the smaller ones. i have a cfl, i just need to get it put up. what do you mean by stretched? what do i do? i was thinking of putting more soil in the pots and filling them up?????i m a newbie, i read up on this, but sometimes it just takes a certain understanding for me to fully grasp the concept u know...
  4. right now im giving them 12 hrs lite, should i go for the full 24 now? or should i wait?
  5. By the looks, you have ALOT of reading to do.

    Your lighting is no good.
    2 plants in one pot is no good.
    Running sprouts on a 12 hour light schedule is no good.

    Stretched means they are reaching and growing all long and skinny because they are looking for the light that you are not giving them. I also dont see any kind of ventilation or air movement in there. Read and learn man.
    Your going to get back what you put into it.
  6. Ok i think...this is crap!
    Plants tells you MORE light! so give them it!
    And one more thing the soil is shit!
    [Light must be turned on 18 h. in veg]
    Go to shop buy cfl 6500 k 8x-10x bulbs(20-55 watts).
    And keep light very close to them!3-5 cm.
    Or buy couple of MH lamps and put them to 10 cm from plants heigh...
    Then buy fox farm soil,or plagron grow mix...
    or just buy sing soil for orchides and then perlite, vermiculate...
    and mix 50%+25%+25%=soil for newbies.very safe for owerwatering and so on.
    And put some fan they need more fresh air and making stem fatter cuz they wont grow much leafs....
    My first time was just like that so dont do my mistake ....ofcourse in this conditions you will get about 10-30 grams of buds from each plant.good luck man!
  7. thats how it looks when i transplanted my little ones from bad soil to good.

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  8. looks better already
  9. dude thats mine i showed how it should looks when its 1 week old :D
  10. ^^ Lol. But read the stickies it will be a lot of help, and totally flip your results.

    Grandpa's grow guide is where to start.
  11. ok i got the cfl light and i got rid of the extra plants. should i kept the light this close to the plants? it is jus a few inches away. i still dont really understand the differnt color temps, and reading the specs on the actaul package at the store and buying the right one but i was thinking of getting two differnt color temp bulbs???im still fully grasping this one, but i think im getting it figered out. im still thinking of switching the soil. but from my reading, m.g. will do the job, so im not sure about just running out and getting new soil. if i do, what can i get at walmart or home depot or places like that. please dont scream out im an idiot and all lol, i do not know of any other places around here to go to. this is in a closet in a spare room. sometimes i have the door open to give them some fresh air. i have a small fan for them, how long should i leave the fan on them? i have a timer i can use. thanks for your input so far. thnx rytis i think i finaly got what you are saying, lol sometimes it slowly clicks.

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  12. ok, dude. i totally get where your coming from on the whole noob thing cause im learning myself. The best thing to do is just go to google and look up how to grow. that'll give you the basic's. On lighting, you want 100w for each plant. and 50w for every addictional plant. So, go around that. You want brightlight or daylight Clfs for vegging which your doing now and warm light for Flowering. CLF's can never be to close, the closer the better, just dont burn your plant.
  13. All I got is,,, I've seen worse, keep reading ... ;)
  14. now change that ovefull soil it looks totally shit.
  15. Sorry dude but your plants are done. I've had the same experience. I grew under shit lights, they were extremely weak like yours, then I put them under a HID high quality light, and nothing changed.

    Get rid of them. Start from scratch. It is quicker to start a new seed than to nurture plants that are already beyond help.
  16. The good news is they are alive and you have plenty of time to get things fixed. You should have seen my first grow, it was the most assbackward thing you have ever seen. These are tough plants, you could use a campfire for a light and piss on them for fertilizer and they are still going to grow but the better you refine your craft the better your yields are going to be. Seperate your plants into individual pots and get some potting soil that has a lot of pete moss and pearlite in it. I always add additional peralite to my soil to keep it super light. Kick your lights to 24 on to maximize the amount of light those lil guys can get from those bulbs. Its your first grow and you are not going to get a lot of yield, but stick with it and learn.
  17. thanks hogg i have 24 hrs lite on them now. they are looking a little better. im not a quiter so im going to kept going. ill probaly grow some new ones though. rytis what kind of soil besides perlite can i get at walmart or home depot. i dont know where else to go around here and i dont want to order off of the net.
  18. First try to find in some local stores soil for orchideas...Then get perlite, and vermiculite...
    If you will grow in single soil, you will get single wild plant :D[joke]
    Remember that soil is very important...tomorow tell me what you get from store...
    [example:your plants get more light then mine but you'rs looks not so good...so that means you definetly needs better soil or they will get not big count of branches=not big count buds^^]
    btw i can show you problem with my extra experment to growing without any light...only from sun[at the winter]beside of window.
    [then you will get perlite and vermiculite...and soil mix it (orchid soil)50%+(perlite)25%+(vermiculite)25%].

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  19. If you are going the Wal mart route pick yourself up some Black Gold potting soil. be sure you get the potting soil version and not the worm casting only version. This is nice fluffy stuff that works great and had decent nutrients that won't freak your little guys out. They should be good to go for 2-4 weeks off the nutrients in the soild alone before you need to start adding nutrients.

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