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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NarcInThePark, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Well, i have 2 stories for everyone at the city. Recentlly i have found my life taking a turn for the better and have been having really good luck latley.

    Ok so the first story happened about 2 weeks ago when me and 2 friends where chilling at a park. We had no money and no weed and i was taking rez hits out of my pipe. So we where trying to figure out a way to get some weed when we see 2 friends bike up to us. One of the holds up a ounce and the other holds up about 200$. There ask us if we wanna come grocery (sp?) shopping? We had nothing to do so we said sure. So we go to superstore and load up on junkfood and we head over to one of there houses. We wheree just sitting there and there like you guys wanna stay and smoke this ounce and munch out for a few hours? Naturally we replied "fuck ya'" and we stayed there till midnight.

    My second story takes place yesterday right after a lacrosse game. I was at home and my buddie from my team calls me and asks if i want to come blaze. So i get to his house we blaze for a while and everything was cool then i had to go home so im walking to the door and he yells WAIT. I turn around and he throws a bag of weed at me, about a quarters worth and says take this. I replied wholy shit your the nicest guy ever he says no problem and i go home happy.

    Well those are my 2 good luck stories. I will be posting a picture of my pipe that i bought 2 weeks ago and some of the bud i recieved yestrday later on tonight if i can get this camera working.

  2. Great stories, but how decent was the bag he threw at you? lol I wouldn't give anything away but schwag but I suppose I'm not the most generous person in the world.
  3. Hes from canada theres no such thing as bad weed
  4. Its not that bad. But im not going to complain if its free. Its not no schwag tho.
  5. god bless canadian bud:rolleyes:
  6. I cant figure out how to take good bud shots but heres a pic of just a little bit of the weed and my pipe that i recently got.

  7. ^^ thats why i love canada
  8. Maybe youre dying and they just don't want to tell you? :confused:

  9. QFT
  10. Ahh im nice and high. Gonna listen to some pink floyd and eat some M&M's.
  11. is that an altoids can you have your weed in? becasue i do the exact sam thing. in bags of course
  12. Yes it is, i dont put this weed in bags because its so crappy. Man i gotta go get some money to buy a quarter by friday.
  13. damn, you got some really generous friends :cool:
  14. looks like your average canadian commercial, pretty dece if you got it for free, try smokin a bowl of just the hairs, damn easy with the hairy ass chinabud...
  15. Man this is the shittest weed ive ever smoked in my life. I was at my lacrosse practise today and my pipe fell on the floor in the dressing room. Everyone just looked at me and i picked it up it was REALLY ackward. I get high with my coach tho so its all cool. Also yesterday during the math exam it fell on the floor and made a huge bang, everyone saw it im suprised it didnt break. Anyways i smoked most of it but heres the last little bit.

  16. it must have been good karma ur getting. spread it around in the city, i know some peeps who could use it. rep + for having the good karma. (i love good karma, its awesome):smoking:
  17. uhhh....I thought you said it was alright weed, but not shwagg? Iono i'm confused you said it was the worst youve ever smoked in your life, but hey, iono im high too so that could be it.
  18. It got worse and worse as i smoked it. At first it wasnt that bad but iunno it seemed as if it was getting worse. So was talking to the kid at lacrosee today and he says that his finished growing and hes gonna give me some so ill see what happens.

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