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  1. there are these two sperm swimin along and one says to the other "how far is it to the egg yet?" the other one responds "Not for miles yet. We've only just passed the tonsils."

    [​IMG] my fave joke... had to be shared.

    [perspective of vitamin d]
  2. It would probably be funnier spoken
  3. this was more humorous than the joke
  4. :) <3
  5. So a sex therapist is talking to a group of men and asks them how often they have sex.
    The first man said every day.
    The second man said once a week.
    The third man said once a month.
    The sex therapist then turned to a man with a big smile on his face and asked him the question. The man said once a year. The sex therapist said if you only have sex once a year then why are you so happy. He said because tonight is the night.

  6. My vote goes to the first joke.
  7. mMmMm proteins...

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