2 seeds per pot??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by we0, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. When i reciev my order from seedsdirect i would get about 15 seeds including the free ones. I was planning on growing 2-3 plants that means i would have some extra seeds left over and none of my friends wants it. can i put about 2 seeds per pot, or would that mess it up? I don't want 2 seperate plants growing in the same pot or anything. I was thinking that both the seeds would join together and combine into 1 plant. lol

    How much do i need if i use metal halide bulbs?

  2. The seeds will not morph into one and produce one plant, if anything, 2 plants will deprive your soil nutrients quicker than one would, and plant roots will entangle, making things very difficult in terms of transplanting, i would use one per pot, they may not come up anyway, but still. it will make things easier. i suppsoe you could start two in the same pot, and them trnasplant one into its own, so that you dont use unneccesary amounts of soil and containers for those that do not sprout.... hope this made sence.

    take care.

  3. yes, i agree...don't do it, just keep the seeds for another grow.

    PS. But if you really want to get rid of them, them my address is:.....lol
  4. why would you want to get rid of your extra seeds, don't ya ever plan on growing again, or do you just like ordering seeds online and risking getting fucked in the ass in prison? Whatever. But no, you should never put more than one seed in a pot, nothing good can come from it.
  5. If you are going to grow only 2-3 plants I would plant 6-8. Some are going to be males and will yeild you nothing. You may even want to plant them all then just choose the healthiest 2-3 and do whatever you want with the rest.
  6. thanx. i'll put a couple into a pot and when it spouts out i'll seperate them into diff pots.

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