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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CervezA, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. number 1: is a 400W HPS too much for about 3 or 4 plants???

    number2: how long should it take to germinate seeds? I've had mine wrapped in a paper towel inside a tupperware(sp) for about a day and a half in complete darkness. They're getting some heat, I have it on top of my comp cast :)
  2. if you go smaller the lumens get so high you will have to suppliment the CO2, put in refridgerated ventilation or otherwise deal with alot of heat focused on a small area. It can be amazingly expensive, trying to get rid of excessive heat in order to keep the lumens.
    My landlord started squawking back in the days I had accumilated circle fluoros amounting to 300W. I went on a campaign to lower the electic bill, and slowly one by one replaced his worst burners with compact flouros (the circle lights still serve in his bench magnifier, and make pretty good drop lights in a home plumbing emergency. The new CP's are so good, I have saved him as much as I now use, and then some.
    Good luck!
  3. The lowest I found at my most convient store, was $210 and if they have to ship it, it costs up to $30 more. I would invest the extra $110 for the new light: properly wired, warrented, ready to use. But that's just me, bioelectronically challenged.
    Good luck again!

  4. was she speaking english????? lol that light will be fine after i show ya some tricks to convert it, all my lights are home made never had a problem in 12 years with them. seeds, up to 5 days after that it is usually a lost cause, remember if you want to end up with 3-4 females germ 10 seeds to get only the healthiesat females into flower cycle.
  5. still no sprouts =\ i'm gettin worried. I'm using the same container but instead of keeping the lid all the way on, i wrapped loosely in plastic wrap and set the lid on top (didn't "burp" it). its got the 'planty' smell goin on in there, but still no sprouts. might be time to start a new batch.
  6. should there be like airflow? or no? i guess thats what i'm kinda confused on
  7. .Yes ,she is speaking english my friend.From what l,ve seen of her posts she knows her stuff pretty well :D. No need to be negitive here ,just positive .l see no point in me telling everyone to grow my way if there not in a postion to.....Grow any way you can thats the right way ,then learn :D.
  8. WOOHOO!! just got my seeds in the mail! good ol' seeds direct. im tossin out the bag seeds and just gonna try out four of the new ones. I got the northern light X california orange. BONUS! they gave me 10 free skunk1 seeds :) its a happy day for me.
  9. does happy dance[​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. why do all you people feel the need to scold me??? I was being light and funny, do you have a sense of humor, i did not question her post, i was saying i do not understand it, i am a simple organic hippe dirt grower!!! JESUS calm down burn a doobie lol
  11. [​IMG]
  12. LMFAO lol lol Funny shit there!!!!!!
  13. hey oganic-4ever
    i hear ya that post looked like she was high.....then again isnt this a weed growing forum :p
    i know u werent trying to be mean i read a lot of your posts and u really seem like u know ur stuff. Keep it up!

  14. thnaks ya'll i do not think critter meant harm either i just misread people sometimes in here due to past occurances i am just settling in.
  15. dont worry, he started it....hehehe
  16. All is cool. The earth girl never means to offend, and never takes serious offense. She always tries to attribute apparent ill will or scorn to a misunderstanding, a glitch in communications. She does apologize to those made uneasy by her School Marm style of writting. But she can't help it, having Majored in English, and taught Social Sciences at the college. She was born just north of the Ozaks over half a century ago. She doesn't sound like her typing.
    CervezA, the seeds need to stay damp and dark, and not too warm. Allow an exchange of air in your germing dish once a day, otherwise just leave them in the dark until you see the whites of their roottips.
    Eg, over and out!

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