2 Room Ventilation/Odor question

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  1. Gc,

    I need some help tweaking the ventilation for 2 rooms that I have. I'm not having any heat or humidity issues really, it's more of the fact that I have some odor escaping. With Spring almost here, people will be outside more and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    Both of the rooms are insulated and light sealed, and the fans blow up into the attic. I'm using a passive-air system with one vent in each room. One of the problems that I face is that I have to use the outside air which means sometimes it 20 degree air I'm pulling in, and sometimes it's 100 degrees. The veg room which is 6x8 has it's own 6 inch vortex fan with no carbon filter. The flower room is 8x14 and has one 6'' vortex pulling air out of the room through a carbon filter, and another 6'' fan pulling air through the light hood. The air going through the light doesn't mix with the air in the room so it blows directly outside. The rooms are also insulated and sealed from each other so the smell shouldn't be leaking into the veg.

    I think the source of my problem is coming from not having proper air flow in the flower room, and the smell is just permeating out. The exhaust fan in the flower room is on a thermostat so it only turns on when it gets up to like 74 degrees. The only way that I can think of fixing this would be to have a completely sealed room.

    Any suggestions?

    Kush :smoke:
  2. I would not use room air for lamp cooling.

    Hot stinky air permeates easier.

    I would use a roof vent or install one and not dump into the attic.

    Take the fan off the thermostat and establish a constant low flow.
  3. The air is too cold to have fan on through the night. Even on the lowest my speed controller can go. I have a heater but it's not temp controlled.

    I'm not using room air either for the lamp cooling. I'm pulling the air from outside for the lamp, and for the room.

    Any other suggestions
  4. Without setting up a minimum flow, you are gonna fight a battle and most likely lose.

    Stinky air that is allowed to settle permeates everywhere.

    Even if you have to use house air for the input (to keep the temp within reason) I would.
  5. @Jolly: Getting "house air" is basically impossible. The only way to raise the ambient temp is to put a heater outside the room which is not insulated. It would be a waste.

    It sounds like my only option, to fix the permeating air, would be to make a completely enclosed environment. I need a co2 tank and controller I think.


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