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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GrandaddyPurps, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Took these last night. Had a good time. G's up hoes down

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  2. hope you had fun :D.

    I got two diffrent kinds of playboys now. One is purple with outprint, other is pink and inprint. They were pressed by the same person which is weird that they would go out and buy 2 playboy presses.
  3. Shittt, those are supposed to be pretty good.. Had a chance to buy em once but I turned it down like a jack ass.
  4. def good rolls

    mdma with mda
  5. niiiice man i'm fiendin' right now...gotta hold off though!

  6. haha man i feel you
  7. dropped 2 my first time sat
    amazing night :)
  8. noice! glad to hear you had a good roll!
    nothing like good clean pills.
    besides molly, that is. :D

  9. mmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmm
  10. i know someone with g's up ho's down. since i live in nj and you're in ny i assume they're the same pill our connects have.
  11. Nice, dude.

    I never thought I would, but soon (probably summertime), I'm gonna try E for the first time. Probably shrooms too, sometime this summer..

    Glad you had a good time.

  12. I know the exact pills your talking about, they came mixed purple and pink.

    The pink ones arent bad :)

  13. Meh, i like a little amp in my rool :)

  14. DUDE yes DO E it is so much fucking fun.... u will have the time of your life. take 2 rolls and go to a rave with friend wow.

    and shrooms to dude so fucking fun.

    percd/klonnyd out
  15. For sure. Shroom and ecstasy connects around my hometown are kinda rare.

    But the next time they're around, I'm definitely gonna snag some and save them for a good time to do with some friends.
  16. thank you for sharing my pain of shitty dealers...
  17. Damnit you guys make me so fuckin jealous.
    Down where I live (North myrtle beach) extacy is either completly non existent or there is so little of it going around that no one would be able to know about it.
    Ive only rolled twice the 1st time it was a orange pill with a jordan imprint and It was MDMA/MDA but def. more MDA in it and the second time it was a yellow pill with a 5 pointed star outprint and It was stilll great even though it had MDMA/Methamphetamine/cafeine/DXM.
    (Even though I dont have the exact Mg's out It felt like a very highdose of MDMA, a medium dose of meth and very low doses of cafeine and DXM.
  18. Holy shit this made me laugh intensely
  19. lmao when and where did he post that? lol
  20. my bad, i found it LMAO

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