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  1. Until what point in time of flowering can i take clones?


    When i feed do i spray the mix on the plants and put it in the soil or just the soil?
  2. Clones are most successful when taken no later than the first two weeks of flower. Any later than that and survival rate starts to go way down. You can foliar spray the plant before taking the clones if you wish. Otherwise I would not do any foliar spraying and just feed it in a water soluble solution.
  3. ok, so there is no need to spray the plant at all? Even with just water?
  4. I don't think many people even bother with foliar spraying because of mold issues, but it's completely up to your discretion. I mist my plants with one or two bursts distilled water every so often and they seem perk up afterwards. I try to simulate early morning dew(spray them right before lights come on) or evening showers(mist 'em right after turning off lights).

    Well, good luck.

  5. Not really.
  6. There is a good reason to mist your plants every now and then, it's called dust!
    Dust will accumulate on the leaves and tops of your plant ----> check out your house plants now!

    Dust will prevent the leaves from absorbing maximum light, so raining/misting the leaves with water is not a bad idea.

    I must admit I do not bother to 'clean' the leaves with mists/sprays.:eek:
    But it should give you better efficiency.
  7. My plants are never along long enough to accumulate dust. LOL
    P.S. I am helping someone out in sick plants topics right now who sprayed his plants late in flower, they got burned, and he might be fucked. We will see.
  8. Pewpil, under what kind of lights? If HID I would argue that you are not simulating early morning dew by misting as lights come on. In nature dew falls on the plants then the sun rises slowly with weak rays and gradual warming, by the time the sun is close to full strength the dew has had a chance to evaporate. HIDs go from off to full strength in a matter of minutes, so misting before HIDs turn on is more like watering the plant at 2pm on a bright sunny day, the beads of water can act like prisms and fry the plant.

    If under fluoros I don't think any of this would apply.

    And I do see the parallel to nature by misting as lights go off.


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