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    1.) If you have a 2 - 3' plant, that is very bushy and filled with lots of nice branches and lots of leaves, is it too late too LST and if it isnt. what is the best way to LST it. posting photos is kind of hard. but still some what possible. but nothing much has been done too it, it hasnt really been topped before and the only thing that ive really "trained" it to do was just pulling out the branches so they get more light. it is defintly sexualy mature and im wanting to flower it soon. just wondered if it was worth bothering with.

    2.) in a DIY cloneing machine (bubbler) what should the water tempature be at and how much of the stem should be in the water. right now i have 4 clones taken put in my cloner for the first time (peat pellets and a trey with a dome was NOT WORKING OUT! haha) they look perfect and i feel like i got it right this time (maybe 6th attempt at cloneing this month. everything from cats knocking em over and crushing em too stem rot too my dumb cousin snaping a stem in half cause he was well... extreamly high.... haha =] )

    sorry for all the typeing. im pretty stoned at the moment:smoking::smoking::smoking: (oh defintly legaly! ;)) may post some pictures and stuff if i can. i dont exactly have a camera. oh and many apollogies with my spelling and grammar. im HORRIBLE at english.

    happy tokeing and thanks for any replys. dont know when ill check back too see what u guys have too say. probably soon.
    thanks again
  2. hmm its been about a day. idk if its ok to bump this but ima do it anyways. anyone able to help?

  3. well ive read the lst thing there. but i have branches that stick out on all sides quiet far. idk its confusing. i probably wont lst this batch just because of how far im into it. but maybe i will lst a clone. hopefully they work. thanks for the help tho on the temp. im at like 82. hope that isnt bad for a first night.

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