2 questions i really need answered! PLZ help

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  1. so i got enough soil mixture to fill 35 5 gallon pots for a outdoor grow, but i have 2 big questions i cannot figure out.

    the first one is if i plan on growing 35 bagseed plants in 5 gal pots outdoors, about how much nutes will i need? i want to go with fox farms big bloom and grow big, but i need to know how much of each to get to have enough...also when to start using them.

    the second is about ph...how does the soil ph, runoff ph, and water ph all go in together? like how would each one interact with the other one? hope this makes sense to anyone

    soooo yeah, help me out
  2. Well first of all most places have a nutrient calculator, I know Advanced Nutrients does, you just have to find the brand, and then you just take 1/4 of what it says because most nutes are for hydro, then after a week or two at 1/4, bump it up a little to see what your plant can take, but as far as a set amount, I have no way to tell you my friend, 35 plants at 5 gallons a plant, it's not going to be pretty, but you also need to let the people know how long you plan to veg, because an autoflowering strain in a 5 gallon bucket will use up just as much soil as one in a 1 gallon bucket, that's like saying "which fish eats more, the one in the big pond or the small pond" they both eat the same. If you plan to veg for a while it can take a while. I have never checked my Soil PH, maybe I am just lucky, but I always just make sure what I am watering with is at 6.4 and have never had to hard of a time, the only time you will need to check your runoff is if you are experiencing problems, then the PH will tell you what you are doing wrong, I wish you the best of luck good sir.
  3. Just a quick answer IMHO,

    thats a SHITload of nutrients, just saying. I grow 6 plants at a time, and i get about 10-12 ounces of grow big, and tiger bloom each harvest.


    Grow Big: 5x10 = 50 .......... Your going to need at least 50 ounces of grow big

    Tiger Bloom 5x10=50 ........ Same as above, but I wouldnt say this is minimum, because you will have males, so you wont be using tiger bloom on 35 plants.

    With Big Bloom on the other hand, I use a gallon of it per grow with 6 plants.

    Big Bloom 5x1=5 ....... you will need around 5 gallons of big bloom.


    1 gal of foxfarms big bloom is 47 dollars. 47 x 5 = 235

    you will need to get 2, 32 oz bottles of tiger bloom, and grow big.

    1 qt (32 oz) of foxfarms grow big, is 22 dollars. 22 x 2 = 44

    Tiger bloom is 18 dollars. 18 x 2 = 36

    36 + 24 + 235 = 295.

    Give or take here or there, your looking at around 300 dollars in nutrients over the course of your grow.
  4. Please do a journal for this I'm sooo sick of micro PC case CFL grows.
    Watch the OP's next thread be "how many CFLs will i need for 35 Plants"

    I sprouted over 60. But that number gets whittled down pretty quick. They all thrived for frrst month under two 4th flouro tubes.
  5. dont need any cfls i got sunlight, but sure ill make one just for you random ass guy
  6. dont have to send it just to me. Im sure the whole community would like to see this.
    post it here then all us random ass guys can see it, cuz thats why we are here and all to answer random ass questions, and see random ass grows
  7. Well actually, post it in the Journal section...

    Why are you planting in pots rather than into the ground outdoors? There can be legitimate reasons to do so, but you are limiting your root volume and thus your plant size.

    But more importantly, if you don't understand soil pH then I suggest you start smaller than a 35-plant grow until you know your stuff better. All the different elements -- water, nutes, soil, amendments -- can either have their own pH or can impact it, and they all interact to give your resulting runoff pH. Get your runoff pH in range by raising or lowering your input pH as needed.

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