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2 PM's in one day

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. I have just gotten my second PM telling me to keep my wrods to myself. I am taking this to heart. I don't want to UPSET these fuckers anymore.

    Peace and love to ya all.


    Mikey T. it is yours now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm sure you've dealt with JERK's before Bud Head. Please don't deprive the MANY FRIENDS you have here of your Post's.
    Just ignore and delete any PM's from the JERK in question, and stick with those of us you choose to call friend!!

    Damn!, I remind myself of a movie clip: Scene, small boy standing by a corral, while a man on horseback rides off into the sunset. " Shane!!! Please come back Shane!!!
  3. I agree with cowboysaxman~
    I haven't gotten a PM to tell me to shut up *yet* but I figure it'll be anyday now, seeing that I post like a crazy girl!!

    Please do NOT keep your words to yourself we love hearing from ya Bud Head and just ignore those who can't seem to keep their nastiness to themselves?
    Have a lovely day, the clouds have finally broke here and I'm prayin' for that sunshine to last all day long coz I'm tired of being cooped!
  4. Ive never gotten a negative one either it would piss me off. Especially when you didnt do anything. Kick there ass!

    or better yet just forget about it and go on happilly, The less effect you let a person get out of you the more you win.

  5. what did i miss?
  6. I have alot of friends here who i think of as brothers and sisters.

    There is a couple of people who are going to ruin thias site just like Yahooka. They make trouble and keep making troble even though they have been told to stop. They make comments about people and when there is a comment about what they say they told me where to go.

    I am going to find a place where the mellow people can be mellow and the trouble makers will be delt with. From experience we all know that most trouble makers will continue to disrupt if they are not delt with.

    I love you guys and gals. Many of good memeories here.

    I may post or reply to the post that i think i will be helpful on. I think when a moderator is told to keep his or her words to themselves that is going over board.

    Mickey T. you have won again on this board. Don't PM me again!
  7. Sad, when one bad leaf poison's the whole plant.
  8. I can't believe I've just now gotten to this post.

    It will be a GREAT disappointment if you leave because of one ass hole. (Hey, why don't I ever get any fun PM's like that?)

    Seems to me it's exactly what Mickey wants...... for you to leave.

    If you don't feel up to going head to head with the dick head, just delete the PM's and don't even read 'em.

    Man! Send them sons-a-bitches my way! I'll work it through with them either in public or private. (Talkin' PM here. I'm no hit man!)

    Hey Crit, check your PM's. ;)
  9. There is no reason for anyone else to jump in on this. I believe i made it aware of what has happened. In the future I will make SJ aware of what happens directly. As a mod I feel I am neede here at the city. As to the friends here I feel I am needed at the city.

    Maybe I have smoked to much lately, but i feel any mod shouldn't be down graded for the same thing the person who is doing the down grading has done.

    I love you guys and gals from deep in my soul. I just will not let one asshole screw it up.

    Thanks for the support and friendly conversation.

    Peace love and happiness to ya my friends!!
  10. HIGH freakin' five Bud Head!!! We Luv ya too man(gotta Budlight?? Lmao!!) :hello: :smoking:

  11. No budlight just a lit Bud!!!!!
  12. Even better, lol !! :smoking:
  13. Got 'em in 100's?


    I almost edited my own post up there.

    Sheesh! Talk about the pot calling the kettle.......

    Here I talk badly about others who use name calling and I'm up there slinging the shit with the best of 'em.

    But, since it's already been established that there's an asshole aboard, I won't edit it out yet.

    And I won't feel violated if somebody else edits it out for me.

  14. Post number 1000


  15. This thread was not started for your 1000 post parade, But i will still congraduate you on your 1000 post any way.

    Congrads my friend!

    I noticed you didn't close this thread! Hahahahaha
  16. happy 1000th post budburner and of course, Bud Head I love ya :) hugs to the both of ya (and cowboysaxman, and well ALL OF YOU) on this stoney evening.
    p.s. this bud's lit for you!!
  17. LOL, we luvs ya too SuperDork!!! :wave: :smoking: (creeping up on a "Grand" myself!! lol)
  18. BudHead...

    You better not go anywhere! You know the world is full of assholes...don't let them upset you...then they win.
    Instead, stick around and give them hell...I'll help you sweetie anytime you need a hand with some loser who is busting your balls just send them over to me and Critter...we'll beat 'em up for ya!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  19. Thanks justme sweetie! I love it when you talk about beating people up for me! Kinda turns me on!

    Assholes are all over the world. I was smoking more than usual (didn't want my stash to get stalem if you know what i mean) and to many things on my mind.

    Peace to yas,


  20. No problemo luv...I hate it when people get mean. Especially to a good guy like yourself.


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