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  1. I have 2 plants from thw w.russian family. Both were cloned from the same plant at the same time. Although one rooted about 2 weeks earlier. Both grew fast and beautiful. The late rooted plant seem to almost "catch up" to the other one. But had grown much more taller and lengthier with quite less node branches. Then I had started to realize the early rooted plant had a very tightly packed node structure. Which ofcourse had many many more potential tops. Each branch set has a branching node about every quarter to half inch. Very compact and bushy plant indeed. Well the thing is I had started to notice the the bushy plant had seemed to slow or stop growing. It is now the smallest of the greenhouse, and it was supposed to be the largest(for it was the first of all the current clones to root and grow). The leaves are smaller than the other w.russian plant but have no discoloring or dying anything. The plant looks healthy, and wouldn't say it looks better or worse than any other as well. I'm just not sure why it would do that. I also had super-cropped all the plants in very similar fassions. It almost looks like a diffent strian altogether. Is it possible that it dwarfed, and why would it do that? If anyone has some insight for my boggling head it would be greatly used. I could throw a few pics in a day or so if anyone thinks that might clarify.
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    id say not to worry about it, i might have something to do with the placement under your light.

    it could just be like growing that way for some reason

    i just let plants grow if they dont look dying, its not like they wont? usually at least :b

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