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  1. I'm going to use 400w MH/HPS for veg/flower respectively for 2 plants, I am not in a legal state but I need my Rx so no choice. Will 400w of light contribute significantly to the growth of 2 plants? I need high yield/low plant # so i'm hoping the extra light will make the difference as well as high quality nutes and a coco hydro grow... Will I get the same results off 200w for 2 or better with 400w for 2 assuming optimal other conditions. Also, any strains recommended off of highgrade-seeds for chronic hand pain (6 months of testing and no diagnosis, you name it I apparently dont have it.. hurts like a #$%er though.) Once again, high yield per plant. w/ good medicinal properties. Can't wait o start my grow journal!
  2. Yes you can actually grow up to 4 plants. 1 plant per 100w.
  3. but will 200w per plant make a difference in say a larger yeild? assuming of course Co2 is high and nutrients are tops
  4. With or without CO2, your babies will love the extra light.
    I've seen 6 plants yield 4 ounces plus EACH, off a 400W HPS.
  5. I grow 6 plants off a 400w hps (at least my second grow) and plants were doing quite well, it was only my lack of experience that held them back, this time i'm using a high quality 430w HPS bulb (plain 400w MH for veg) (not sure if that is just marketing or if there will be a tangible difference) and a lumitek ballast (which claims something like 10-20% more lumens, than a magnetic ballast)

    I'm growing in a stealthy home made wodden grow box, that looks something like a dresser when covered up with a blanket or something.

    also I think if yield per plant is a big concern larger growing containers (if enough light is provided to the plant to grow large enough) is the way to go.

    e.g. a single plant in a 100L container under a 1000w lamp vs say 10 plants in 10L containers

    I remember reading a good thread (or website, can remember) which compared lower wattage multiple bulbs to single bulbs with higher wattage.

    i've also heard claims that the 600w gavita bulb (I think) the one with the reflector in the bulb, on a digital ballast produces results simmilar to a single 1000w, considering the efficiency of the reflector and ability to move the lamp closer because of lower heat.

    and you might want to try a product like dutch masters liquid light, or foliar feeding.

    not sure if hydroponic/areoponic and or foilar feeding affects yield or just speed of growth (maybe the same difference)

    good luck whatever you do

    also for your pain would you say it is a joint pain or muscle pain?

    I know white rhino is a reputable medicinal plant but it's not listed on high-grade that I can see, but they do have Blue rhino which says its a good medicinal plant in the description, maybe start there?

    they also say Hawaiian Kona Gold is a medicinal plant but being mostly sativa you may not get the yield you are looking for
  6. Thanks everyone, I also may have just found a guy to provide me with some good Kush female clones... hurrah! ^^
  7. volcano what was your dry weight off the 6 plants or are you still growing them?

    and RED do you kknow if there is a thread on the 6 plants that produced a qp each?

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