2 plants 2 deficiencies. help is appreciated

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  1. please refer to my previous post as to what i’m using for my nutes medium and all that good stuff so i won’t be repetitive. i am 14 days since seeds broke the soil and i’m dealing with deficiencies i need help with. i mixed a 3/4, 444; 1/4, 484 ratio to the recommended amount and i just transplanted today so the plants aren’t in shock yet they look the exact same and admitted i should’ve waited to fix the issue before transplanting but nothing beats that beginning grower eagerness... if you refer to my last post you’ll see that i said i top dressed but i only got to water my plants once before i realized that was way too many dry nutes so i basically just removed the top layer of soil leaving about half and the plants are asking me for food. i don’t know if i should wait to see how they adapt to the pre amended nutrients or take action right now. for the most part my main concern is identifying these deficiencies and figuring out my best course of action. attachments will be given shortly

    here are some things you need to know that aren’t mentioned in the photos: the highest temperature they reach in the last 3 days is 86 and that’s not for more than 4 hours. my ventilation isn’t optimal but it will be fixed this wednesday as mentioned in my previous post. (today is sunday) my humidity says 36 but that’s because i was refilling my humidifier and it dropped the lowest it gets is 42

    once again all help is very much appreciated.

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  2. iCloud

    cheese #2

    the white stuff is mycorrhizae and the little spots on one of the leaves happened a good 10 days ago but they aren’t in the same place they were when it happened and it only was an “issue” once never seen any progression to this issue.

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  3. also i’ve been contemplating turning on bloom and veg just to get the full punch of my light but i also have 2 seeds that are just now breaking soil so i don’t know:,/

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  4. 14 days from germinating is way to early to start with nutrients. What is in your soil mix?
    They also look borderline overwatered.
  5. im pretty sure overwatering because i woke up today and they bounced right back up, obviously not 100% but they’re looking a lot happier i’ll post photos when i get off work. you can refer to my last post for the nutes but a brief summary is 3 table spoons of 444 from down to earth and 1 table spoon of 484 from down to earth per 2 gallons and it’s mother earth coco and 30% perlite

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  6. and i don’t know i thought cheese #1 was screaming for nitrogen because she was so light green. especially first 2 bottom true leaves were yellow and one even looked broken

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    cheese #1 updated
    still wanna know why those leaves are yellow on the bottom and why one is broken

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  8. iCloud

    cheese #2 updated humidity low:39 high: 52

    temp low: 72 high: 84 (will fix this soon)

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  9. what soil are they in?
  10. 70% coco 30% perlite mother earth coco

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  11. Well there's your problem. If you want to grow in soil I suggest you ditch the coco and get yourself, or better yet mix your own peat-based organic soil. IME coco is more suited for growing hydroponically with bottled nutes and not as a base for a soil mix.
    For now if you dont want to change your potting media, I would just go with some bottled nutrients and treat it like a hydro grow.

    If you want to mix your own (organic) soil for this or future plants I suggest you take a look at the No0till thread:
    No-Till Gardening: Revisited
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  12. i don’t wanna kill these plants i’m balls deep rn so what do you recommend?

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  13. What kind of fertilizer did you use and how did you add it?

    Edit: nevermind I reread the first post. So your soil is amended with fertilizer and you also top dressed but later removed the top dress? Is that correct?
    What is the soil amended with and what kind of fertilizer are you usin?

    Basically you will need to provide fertilizer to the plant during the grow and flower cycle (so pretty much the whole life of the plant). Unless you want to mix some new soil and transplant, or take clones.
  14. you have to remember it’s only a 16 oz cup worth of soil and the rest is coco using the infamous noob canucks method with coco and perlite (70/30) and i used down to earth 444 vegetable garden (3tsp per 2 gal) and 484 rose and flower (1tps per 2 gal) so 4 total tsp per gallon 3/4-1/4 ratio

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  15. What is canucks method? I am not familiar with that.
  16. he basically makes every new grower think it’s a great idea to grow with dry nutes and coco

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  17. Ohh...Yeah you can grow in coir but it's rather inferior as a soil base compared to sphagnum peat moss and also more prone to issues with deficiencies.
    I suppose you can follow his methods but I wouldnt know what to advice you on that.
  18. im in a grave i dug for myself right now i don’t really know what to do. i don’t wanna kill the girls neither

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