2 Plant Auto Grow - One Flowering, One Not, and What to do?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Daipanddetsop, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Hi guys new to the Grasscity Forum. Not new to stalking them for info, but new to becoming a member! Im a guy that enjoys growing more than smoking! Anybody else that way? Im originally from WA State so i would love to work on a legit farm one day!

    I love autos. I think they are great. I love experimenting with different soil recipes, pot sizes, training, and strains. Grown a few fantastic auto crops with extremely satisfying results so far, but never ran into what i have going on right now... I have two, 1 month and a week, roughly 37 day old plants in the same grow tent. 1 strain called 'Cream of the Crop (Cash Crop)' and the other 'OG Kush'. I believe i ordered from Herbies Seeds this time around. They are in 3 gallon pots with a personal soil recipe. Right now they are under 7 6500k CFL bulbs. The larger light fixture (4 bulbs) over the top, medium light fixture (2 bulbs) down the center/ side, and a single bulb fixture across the center/bottom. They are on an 18/6 cycle. I have always grown autos under these lights and cycle with extreem success...
    My concern is that my Cream of the Crop plant is only about 12-13" tall and has pistils ALL OVER the damn thing. It has been showing its sex since day 15. My OG Kush is about 16-17" tall, bushy, and is just now barely starting to show sex. Most of the autos i have grown have been like my OG Kush, not showing sex until a little later and growing pretty damn tall and bushy before really flowering.
    My questions are... Should I start feeding bloom nutes to my Cream of the Crop now? Should I continue to feed my OG grow nutes a little longer? Am i going to need to put some lower spectrum bulbs over the Cream of the Crop already?? If so, should i seperate the plants to keep the OG under the 6500K's longer? Or just get my extra CFL fixture and put it with low spectrum bulbs over the cream and leave it in with the OG? Or, am I worrying too soon and just keep on with the grow how i have been a bit longer? Through all my auto grows they have grown in a similar manner to one another and i was able to change lighting and nutes at the same time.....
    Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated! Ill get pics posted tomorrow, when the lights turn back on. That may help a little! Thanks!

    :thankyou: :wave::Love-Plant:

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