2 piece of 4 piece space case?

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  1. How exactly does a kief catcher work? I'm trying to decide between 2 or 4 piece.
  2. 4 piece....i have a 2 piece and u cant collect kief with it...4 piece has chambers and a screen to collect the kief
  3. I enjoy the 2 piece I have because I travel with it often and it gets a little beat up. the bud in a 4 piece goes through different chambers within the grinder, and at the bottom of the grinder your kief will fall and collect :hello:
  4. is kief the crystals or what. been a smoker for 10 years but don't know much about kief. t

  5. kief are the crystals on the bud and used to make hash

  6. what is the advantage to separating the kief from the buds? ie. why separate it instead of just smoking it with the rest of the buds?

  7. kief is more potent since its concentrated crystals. put some on top your bud and enjoy. it will add to the effect. u can smoke it alone too but i like my kief on top of my packed bowl
  8. After a year of using the 4pc, I came to the same conclusions as you. I want all of the kief on my bud all the time. No reason for me to seperate it, only to put it back in later, so..........a 2pc Space Case is what I use. I also like the 2pc because you have more control over how fine you want to grind without having to turn your grinder upside down, which presents a whole set of issues.

    The 2pc is also easier to clean and it's slimmer so it's more pocket friendly, and.........it's cheaper.
  9. sounds like I may go with 2 piece
  10. Sold................ !! ;)

  11. separating the kief from the bud reduces you high to anywhere from 99%-95% of what you would of gotten had you not separated the kief. since saving the kief does not produce a noticeable difference, then some smokers prefer to save it and pack it on top of a bowl pack or in a joint. some people even smoke it by themselves and as one, the high i get is more like being lifted rather than a stoney feeling.

  12. Thanks for the input. Still not totally sold on the idea though haha
  13. some people prefer one thing over another. i prefer my 4 pc, but my friend hand crushes religiously
  14. I'll answer this question differently by first asking a question:

    How good is your weed?

    If you're smoking regs, a 4pc SC is going to be pointless because the screen is very fine and only collects very pure kief, so unlike with those shitty $20 4 pieces you're getting gold kief rather than greenish shit filled with plant matter. That means that you are going to get little to no kief from grinding regs/mids.

    If you smoke dankkkk with all them crystals, 4 piece no question. It's just kind of pointless with bad weed with a Space Case because the screen is high quality.

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