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2 piece grinder vs 4 piece?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spitzz, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I heard that Kief collecting is a big advantage, but is it worth the extra $50? (Looking at space cases).

    Advantages and Disadvantages of both?

    Thanks Blades
  2. Space case is in the highest quality (and price) you'll find
    There are affordable 4-piece grinders, like Sharpstone, Chromium crusher, and some on GC shop

    Advantage - You collect the kief thats normally lost in the grinder
    Disadvantage - Theyre twice the height
  3. I would think that collecting your own kief would pay for itself in the long run. Why waste?
  4. I have a sharpstone but somebody on here says they shed metal flakes. i havent had any problems yet though. 44 dollars.
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  6. I had a Sharpstone. I really loved the clear top, but after a year the teeth started getting crooked and eventually started grinding and getting tough to work. It later got stuck and locked. Turned into a paperweight.

    The next one I bought is made by the people who make the Silver Silver Vaporizer. It feels SOLID. You can see how well the teeth are made, and they are SHARP. I usually don't buy into company advertising their own things, it feels gimmicky, but the top is as solid as the bottom and has a way stronger magnet than any grinder I've owned.

    SSV Grinder - Best Quality. Clicky clicky

    But my advice is since you're buying one to get kief, buy a 2 piece grinder (NOT WOOD) and buy a kief box. A kief box will out ANY grinder to shame, collecting 4X + the amount since the surface area is much larger. What I get in 1Q is what would take me 1.25 OZ in a 3 inch grinder.

    This is just from 10 g's in my Ryot Box:


  7. ^^ tried to ninja me! Nice pics though

  8. Damn I want a quality grinder that won't break or give me metal flakes, but both this one and Spacecases are around a hundred dollars.. that's almost twice the amount of money I'm spending on my EHLE bong :eek:
  9. The 2 piece isnt. Then get a pollen box on your own time later. Home make it. just do without pollen till then. Its worth no metal flakes
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    I'd rather have a small, simple kief-collecting grinder.
    I don't want kief that much that I'd shake my bud around in a box for it, I'll have what falls off in my grinder

    I'll most likely end up buying a Sharpstone, I've heard good things about them and only a handful of defective unit claims
  11. i got a no name 4-piece grinder from my local headshop for $25 and it does the job
  12. You dont shake it around it takes the place of somewhere to put the bud out of the 2 piece. Just dump it ground in the box and load up. It collects without shaking.
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    Thats what i'duy after reading this great. In 6 months you'll need another one + metal in your herb. Im too broke but to only afford the best. I cant keep buying crap.
  14. kief boxes should be used exclusively for bag bottoms
  15. Well guys I mean you get what you pay for. I buy everything top notch. I've lived life learning: you do something right the first time, you don't have to do it again. Buy a great piece and dish out the cash. My 3 inch SSV grinder was only $65 in my LHS. How many $30 grinders you going to go through in your life?

    OP, you can buy a no name grinder if it's 2 piece probably for $20 and it won't be wooden. Then buy a $40 kief box, and you'll save yourself so much money. I have so much kief all the time I dont even know what to do with it. I usually mix it in my BHO.

    Screw the ELHE IMO, for $65, you can be out the door, grinder, and just think of the kief box as an upgrade to the screen that comes in a 4 piece, it can't even compare. Plus a grinder screen is metal and clogs and stops getting effective quickly. A kief box is silk screen, and is finer - which means more purity ;)

    EDIT: for the record, my SSV grinder, I don't even use the screen anymore, I took it out and ONLY use my box now. Plus it's hard to lose and easy to get bud from.
  16. I found a 5-piece for 20 bucks, and works just fine. Have had it for a year and a half, no meal flakes or nothing. I see no benefit to buying a $100 grinder. :smoke:
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  18. scissors > any grinder
  19. I've got a 2.5" 4-piece Aerospaced grinder that I bought at my LHS for $35 (IIRC). Works well; had it for probably about a year. The kief box looks like a good idea too...but I think I prefer the simplicity/laziness of using one tool :)
  20. $25 for a 4 piece EZ grind. I love mine! Anything above that is unnecessary (meaning amount of pieces, not brands) the 5 piece brings the price up to $55, not worth it IMO. For those that don't know, a five piece just has 2 Kief catchers, the lower just having a more fine screen.

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