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  1. My old d60 was stolen so I bought a t2i yesterday. Here are my first 2 pictures when I tried the camera for the first time.
    What do you guys/gals think?

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    Wtf man that sucks, I hate people that steal, but your photography is awesome! Damn, keep it up. Like legit thats crazy :)
    Hey btw how does that piece hit? I forgot what they're called but my friend's all souped cuz he just ordered one
  3. Not bad, but that camera's capable of a lot better. Just wait till you get more used to it.

    I love mine.
  4. yes, i think someone stole it from my car. the shitty thing is i think it was someone who has ridden in my car, so someone i know basically... shit sucks. trust no one.
  5. Get in the habit of always carrying it, or have a bag in the trunk that it can go into.

    I live in a very low-crime part of town, but I still would never leave my stuff in the car.
  6. You definitely picked up one of the better entry level DSLRs. Keep shooting and keep updating.

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