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2 of each

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by nahitscool, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. When i buy my meds i usually try to get 2 hybrids one sativa dominant and the other indica. is that weird? haha
  2. Nah lol I do that too or if I have more indica strains in my stash, I will go out and pick up sativa strains and vice versa just so I can have my day and my night time smoke :smoking:.
  3. hell yea the first time i got my prescription i bought sour diesel (a sativa) and i was wondering why i stayed up all night smoking rather than being polarized somewhere in my room listening to a movie passed out. haha
  4. Everybody likes selection. Not everyone can afford it though. I usually get 2-3 strains at a time. Last trip to the canna club I got blue dreams, a sativa dom, and headband, an indica dom.
  5. yeah ive learned that strain names dont mean anything. all i remember them for is so that i dont pick that same one twice. If i want to smoke some white widow shit i dont go into the store looking for that name i look at the trycs.

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