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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Retroshark, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. i did 2 drawings while in the UK, one was a birthday card for my dad, the other, just something i did when i was bored and plan to finnish.



  2. Awesome. Love them both.:)
  3. super nice! that is a natural talent... :smoke:

    and your dad looks nice :p
  4. thanks guys! i appreciate the kind words. and my dad, hes a nice guy, but that only came later in life lol. if nobody figured it out, hes driving a litte skyline, drifting past his house (pictured top left) which was a little joke since i got him interested in drifting and modified cars while i was visiting.
  5. Those are badass man.
  6. Those are great drawings... i really enjoyed the mushroom one.
  7. You have a gift man! :hello:
  8. thanks again!

    i want to get a bigger picture of the mushroom cause the small details dont really come out that well in the photo. pus, i need a reason to get it out and do some more on it. i may go outside to the garden, pack a roor and do some nature studies to add into the photo. my original idea was to have in the left of the picture, a forrest of those crazy mushrooms and some creatures and shit hiding in there. i just gotta get drawing!
  9. you really do! because the concepts of your pictures is what makes them stand out, plus alot of obvious talent... very cool :smoke:
  10. your shroom is bursting with detail, i love it man thats really good
    and the inside looks like a piano thats so cool
  11. That's awesome mang.... +rep
  12. Sick drawings keep up the good work.
  13. been working on another drawing...

    its based on the old character swamp thing... basically my friend got me some beasters he called "swamp thing" cause of the look and smell of this bud... so it turned into a joke because of how terr4ible the weed tasted but how high it got us all... so, in light of our 2 ounce blunt party next week, we are making swamp thing tshirts! notice the bong in hand, and the 7 blade leaves in the background ;)




  14. That is FUCKING awesome! I used to watch that show every day
  15. thats fucking awsome draw some more of that shit i love it
  16. ive been blazing every couple of hours doin this drawing, so i have more pictures!!

    here ya go, im nearly done now!


  17. I love your "work" you have an awesome gift dude keep them coming!
  18. Very cool. What's he holding in his other hand?

    Actually don't say, I wanna wait and see.;)
  19. im done!

    just smoked a bowl from my chillum and knocked out the last few parts. the first photo is where i stopped last night, and the second is the finished product.

    you guys like it? im thinking of doing a whole series of made up and partially redrawn comic characters but with new names, like i had this idea for a character, "the white widow" and it would be like some old woman in a white cloak with some kind of pipe or something. ill see what i can come up with!



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