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  1. 2 months old, approx. I can see red pistils with a magnifying glass. Growing outdoors. Getting approx 11 hours direct sunlight.
    Recently fed (lightly) with vegetable fertilizer. They (2) took off. Can almost watch them grow. How do I make them flower faster? Both look to be female.

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  3. They TOOK off then you say how can I make ;''em grow ...? 18yo on here please
  4. Dude you are way out of your league and are imagining things if you see any red hairs on that thing. Go check out groweedeasy.com or just punch in a Google search (how to grow weed). Sorry for being harsh but that is one of the silliest questions I have ever seen on here, and I have seen some doozies. There is no way to make a plant flower faster(a side fro. Special lights for an indoor garden). Research is key to getting good resaults, even with an extensive amount I have not had amazing resaults till now and its 3rd grow. If you are of age please research and stop by again when you have a question that somone answers.
  5. You are not seeing red pistils bud. It hasn't even started to flower yet
  6. Thats 2 months old? Im no expert and currently on my first grow but my plants at a month from sprout are 3 or 4 of your plant.
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