2 Month T-Break

Discussion in 'General' started by Area 11, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Well I am in need of a job so I quit smoking lastnight after I got done with the 2 fat bowls of dank ass purp I had left. Before i get a job I will be buying Dank weed, probably by the half 8th since its only $20, and save it all up till the day i can smoke. I have officially stoped smoking weed today and now I need to find $100 so I can Fix my moped. I am going to have to use my moped till I save up the money for the tag and insurance on my jeep.

    Peace Love and Pot!

    I would like to pre-thank anyone who supports me in my adventure to get a job and save up weed while I can't smoke. I gotta get the moped going b4 the weed tho,lol.
  2. Thats an insane t-break... I could never go more then a week. Good luck!

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