2 mars 400w or one 900w ?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by AirOfEase, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Title says all I plan on doing a 1 plant scrog in a 3x2x6 grow tent,perhaps dwc, they are both the same prices but when it boils down to It I really think 2 smaller panels will give me even coverage vs 1 big one. Any thoughts?
  2. I would do the smaller panels for better coverage. The more area covered, the more able you are to feed more plants with light. It will keep your grow uniform and prevent as much stretching as well since the plants wont all have to reach for one point of light. 
  3. hey AirofEase, this is Sara, do you mind make me know your grow area? so that i can know which lights will be better.
    the Mars II 400W can cover 3x3ft at 24 inches height,  and Mars II 900W will cover 4x4ft at 24 inches height.
    some times one big light will be better as it covers more even to the plants. as sometimes the 2 lights will have some dead corner for coverage. but all these need depend on the size. and i also will PM you about this.
  4. if that space is measured in feet i would go with a mars 2 700watt.
    If it is in meters i would go with the 2 400's
  5. Hey everyone thanks for the fast reply, the tent I plan to go with is 3 foot by 2 foot(6 sq. Ft) at 6 feet height. I was gonna go with 2 400w panels or a 1 900w
    The Mars II 700W will be enough, lol

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