2 Htg 240W 7-Band Vs. 2 Apollo 6s

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Sir keystone, May 29, 2013.

  1. I currently have a 3x3 tent with a 400w hps. However, thanks to summertime the heat has cause my plants to show signs of eutrophication. That being said, which lights would be better? I am on a near $500 budget and the 2 apollos will run exactly $500 shipped while the htg will be about $50 more.
    My concerns with the htg are overall power output compared to the apollo as well as how helpful (wasteful) the ir and uv spectrums are.
    My concerns with the apollo are reliability and the risk from ordering directly from china with a bank transfer. Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Eutrophication...? The process by which a body of water becomes enriched in dissolved nutrients (as phosphates) that stimulate the growth of aquatic plant life usually resulting in the depletion of dissolved oxygen...say Webster's
    I got 4 of these (600w models) and they don't come from Chin'a or cost $500
    I won't believe for one moment that the IR or the UV emitted is a wasted by product...look into lumen per watt
    put ya mind at ease, I'd be more concerned with the power bill....lol

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