2 hours and counting

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. well i been waitin for my dad to get home so i can go get a quarter, and he usually gets home around 7-730 from work, well i called his work n he left at 6, he works about 45 minutes away, and its 810 right now, what the fuck is he doin, sometimes he stops at mcdonalds or whatever, but that dont take no extra hour and 45 minutes.

    i doubt the car broke down cuz he probably would have called, so my next guess is he crashed my fuckin car n is in the hospital.

    if he crashed my car i'm gonna be super fuckin pissed.
  2. He abandoned you because you keep breaking light bulbs
  3. Hahahahahahhahahaahhahahahah
  4. Shit dude i'd hide.
  5. Lol for what.
  6. He could be planning some shit.
  7. ^^ haha planning?
  8. Maybe he picked up acouple hookers and went to a hotel room for the night.

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