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Discussion in 'General' started by GreatVibesOnly, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Does this look like 2gs?

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  2. Used my new iPhone app to scan each trichome and convert it to mass quantities- physical. It's saying error.
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  3. You didn't calibrate it right! I skip all that fancy crap, I just print it out and weigh it for them.
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  4. 1.745g. In addition to weighing things, my magic eyes can also cook, drive and fuck things. PM me for more info.
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  5. It looks like the two G's I always look for: Green and Ganja.

    Good job. You will be rewarded handsomely with the position of Court Bud Master to the King of Earth in your next lifetime.
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  6. Yes, probably...Could be, anyway.:coolalt:
  7. Tare weight is off
  8. It looks shit but yeah 2g why not
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  9. Zip. But jokes aside we can't tell by photo unless there's something next to it for scale. Like a lighter or quarter or something

  10. Looks like 1.5-1.7 pushing it how much you pay for it?
  11. $20, is that too much? I don't think i'm getting ripped off, maybe when it comes to the 2gs, but the dealer usually gives me potent edibles and decent looking budd. I mean I get high, so.
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  12. 20 is decent for 2 grams man I pay 10 a gram or 3.5gs for £25 so you ain't getting ripped off bro, the weed doesn't look like top shelf or anything but I'd still smoke it, what's the high like?
  13. I don't really know how to describe it. It was like my body felt relaxed and shit. But the first few minutes I was paranoid. I called my friend crying and shit, i'm pretty sure. I was stuttering too. That was the second time I smoked it. Because I couldn't finish the blunt. The first time it was kind of more calm. The second time I'm pretty sure I got higher cause I tried to french inhale amd it didn't go smoothly. My throat hurt like fuckin' hell. Idk what good quality budd looks like, but maybe it's because I am in a small town. it's good for now.

  14. Sounds like half decent weed bro here's some strawberry kush I picked up from one of my plugs the other day & it was good quality bud, you can usually tell the quality by the amount of crystals the buds have on them man, basically the more crystals your weed has the higher you will get :smoking:

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  15. The bud looks tight and would say its 2g's. Would take quality over quantity any day of the week tho
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  16. That looks gorgeous! I guess mine isn't that great, I never see crystals. Guess the shit around this small town isn't good enough.
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  17. If the bud you get makes you feel lit of it your good bruh
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  18. Trueee. Do you think you can get high eating roaches? I hope you aren't judgemental cause I ate my roach from the blunt last night, and I thought I fuckin' wasted it, could have gotten higher. It took like three hours to kick in, I ate a lot of fatty shit. I was high for 1-2 hours.
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  19. I don't think you can get high from eating roaches bro you need to decarb weed to activate the THC, the only thing I know you can get high on without having to decarb is hash
  20. If consumption of weed gives you spontaneous buyer's remorse then reconsider how you handle your finances in your life. Spending money in this world is akin to living as a hunter-gatherer and you have to maximize your capital to labor ratio while knowing the land at stake.

    And on lighter news Houston's housing market will look lucrative when the restoration phase takes place, so early investors to the reconstruction of oil industry should have a field day or two.

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